Wedding Story of Thashma & Nipuna

May 22, 2019 12:35 pm


  • Your initial meet. How did it happen?

Nipuna got to know about me through his batchmate who is my family friend. I had no idea who he was until he reached out for me first on Facebook (stalker Alert wink ). After many messages, I finally decided to reply and he took me out on a date. That’s how we first met.

  • Who made the first move? How?

Nipuna made the first move. After our first date, we had many casual, group and wild ;) dates. We both clearly knew we like each other even though we didn’t define the relationship. So after many successful dates he finally asked me to be his girlfriend at the same coffee shop we first met.

  • What was your first impression about your spouse?

That he’s very tall and handsome and in my eyes he will always be.

  • In what ways are you most alike?       

We both cant sing, we have horrible voices and our love for good food & travel.

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  • What's your most memorable date? Why? -

I have many but my first date with Nipuna will always be my favorite because it was perfect.

  • Three things you love and hate about your partner.

Love - His honesty, his carefree lifestyle and his patience

Hate - Nothing




  • How did the proposal happen?

He proposed on the 26th of June 2017 when we decided to go to Galle for a weekend. After walking along the beaches and the Galle fort I was very tired so we took a small rest and got ready for dinner.

He got ready before me so I hurried up, got dressed and walked out to a pathway made with hearts and candles. The pathway ended in a big heart made with small candles and in the middle of it was Nipuna down on one knee with a beautiful ring.

I was taken by surprise and was lost for words because I was over the moon and once I came back I said Yes.

  • If the proposal was a surprise, on a scale of 10 how well did it go? 


  • What are you most looking forward to as Mr. and Mrs.? 

A happy life and traveling the world together.




  • Most memorable moment from your wedding?

Omg!! where do I start!

From the photo shoot with my girls, the first look, stepping out of the poruwa to the sword party, getting welcomed to the Air force Family by the Commander, getting thrown up on the air three times and nearly having a heart attack, the crazy drunk dancing of friends and family to my husband doing multiple push ups. I enjoyed every second of it!

  • If you could describe your wedding day using one word, what would it be?


  • What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

Alcohol and Music

  • What's been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

Nothing we had similar taste in everything.




  • Where are you going for your honeymoon?

We backpacked through Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. The highlight was definitely Paris. Being the travel bugs we are we planned our honeymoon way in advance and spent more time planning the honeymoon than the wedding. (of course, we had an amazing wedding planner to take care of the wedding)

  • What is your idea of, “And they lived happily ever after"?

I have no idea what the future holds. Being a military wife I know that most of the time we will have to live worlds apart but I hope that the time we spent together will always be happy, adventurous, filled with love and long.

  • What has surprised you the most during the first few Weeks/Months of being married?

That married life is way more easier and way more fun that I thought. But it is way more hard now when he goes away for duty even if it is for a day or two.

  • Who’s good at forgetting and better at forgiving?

Both of us.



Photographer    : Beyond Destiny , Mahesh Bansa

Videography        : Colombo Wedding Films

Event Planner     : The Wedding Guru by Ashara Perera

Stylist             : Brides By Leena

Florist             : Blooming Flora

Bouquets        :  Petals by Hasa

Invitation Design    : E Design Hut - Yohan

Boxes            : Elegance

Ceremony Venue     : Cinnamon Lakeside

Entertainment         : Doctor

Jewellery         : Muthukarupan Chettiar



Bridal Gown             : Terinne & Sanduni

Bridal Boutique         : Wedding Dreams

Hair Piece             : Petals by Hasa

Shoes                 : Saffans

Nails                : BC Nail Studio

Hair & Makeup        : Brides By Leena

Bridesmaid Dresses         : Aunty Kumari

Bridesmaid Shoes         : Sereppu



Groom’s and Best Men attire : Air Force Ceremonial Uniform

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