Wedding Story of Saara & Travis

February 09, 2021 11:00 am


  • Your Initial Meet. How Did It Happen?

All the way back in 2010 in a bus on the 177 route of all places

  • Who Made The First Move? How?

Travis did, by handing me his business card. I can’t even make fun of his not so smooth move because it in fact worked.

  • What Was Your First Impression About Your Spouse?

As Cliché as it may sound, his captivating smile was the first thing that caught my eye.

  • In What Ways Are You Most Alike?

We are both fundamentally the same person with different personalities. The core values and thinking patterns remain mutual while at the same time sharing drastic differences in more areas than one, which bring the relationship the perfect amount of balance in my opinion.

  • What's Your Most Memorable Date? Why?

Even though we initially met all the way back in 2010, we lost touch along the way and connected years later over social media by which time he was living overseas. So the first time I met him after 10 years upon his return is and will always be my most memorable date.

  • Three Things You Love and Hate About Your Partner.

Travis has a heart of gold and never fail to make me feel loved in the most heart-melting ways. He is also one of the funniest people I have met so it’s never a dull day when he is around It’s hard hating this gem of a man but he does sometimes get on my nerves with his tendency go overboard stressing about irrelevant details. Nothing I can’t handle though.


  • How Did The Proposal Happen?

At Kingsbury followed by a nice dinner. Caught me completely off guard in the nicest possible way.

  • If The Proposal Was A Surprise, On A Scale Of 10 How Well Did It Go?

Definitely a 11

  • What Are You Most Looking Forward To As Mr. And Mrs.?

An exciting life with loads of laughter, adventure, and most importantly love that keeps refreshing every waking day.


  • Most Memorable Moment from Your Wedding?

First dance with my husband

  • If You Could Describe Your Wedding Day Using One Word, What Would it be?


  • What's Been The Most Fun Detail Of Your Wedding To Plan?

I have envisioned how I wanted my wedding to look like for so long so I enjoyed finally putting it all together to the fullest.

  • What's Been The Most Difficult Detail Of Your Wedding To Agree Upon?

Headcount. Me and Travis was on the same page but getting our parents to agree upon the limited number of invitees and making it a very intimate function took a lot of back and forth of discussions.


  • Where Did You Go For Your Honeymoon?

With travel restrictions due to Covid 19, our initial plan for a trip overseas was out of the options. We however made up for it by visiting to pretty much all the travel hotspots within SL.

  • What Is Your Idea Of, “And They Lived Happily Ever After”?

Looking back all the times we shared somewhere down the line when we are old and cranky and being able to say “we made it” with a genuine smile 

  • What Has Surprised You The Most During The First Few Weeks/Months Of Being Married?

I am yet to feel a difference. The only thing that changed thus far was Travis going from being my best friend to my husband.

  • Who’s Good at Forgetting and Better at Forgiving?

We both are.


Photographer- the vanity (yohan)
Event Planner / Stylist- saara&travis
Invitation Design- travis &saara
Ceremony Venue- wadduwa beach villa 
Entertainment- genesis/ DJ naushard 
Engagement- the Kingsbury 
Bridal Gown- kanishka sangabo dias
Hair Piece- Sanju wickramasinghe
Hair- sanju wickramasinghe
Makeup- sanju wickramasinghe
Suit & Shirt- suranga Fernando 

About the author

- Fazmina Samat

Content Coordinator of We Do. Good food, soul music are my escape bubbles.