Wedding Story of Kasuni & Ishan

September 09, 2019 1:54 pm


  • Your initial meet. How did it happen? 

Ishan has been one of my best friends for a long time. We were, by definition, really good friends. Even though I went overseas to study, our friendship continued and never changed.  

  • Who made the first move? How?

That’s bit tricky to answer! I think our friendship turned into love even without us knowing. He mentioned about a girl for the first time 3 years back (he hasn’t been a relationship till then) and was asking me how to approach her as in how to ask her for a date.


I explained him, gave ideas with the intention of helping my friend to get into a relationship! Finally, that girl he was referring to, came out to be me and I had no idea. I never knew and his gestures never gave me that vibe so I was so surprised. So I can say he made the first move.

  • What was your first impression about your spouse?

Open-minded, calm, free spirited

  • In what ways are you most alike?

Mainly, the way we respect and understand each other. Also, we both are good listeners.         

  • What's your most memorable date? Why? 

It is our very first date. As friends we have gone for lunch, movies and all. But it was the first time I went out with him not as a friend but as the lover. It felt funny to be honest but it was the most amazing day as well.

  • Three things you love and hate about your partner. 

I love most of the things about him, especially his calmness and the quality of never getting angry. There is nothing about him to hate as such, but there are little peeving things. Yet, he is the best.




  • How did the proposal happen?

It was mutual, with time we came to a realization that we are each other’s person. So both said “yes, I do” at that moment!

  • What are you most looking forward to as Mr. and Mrs.?

To grow ourselves as friends, lovers and mainly as a family. 




  • Most memorable moment from your wedding?

There are two. One is when my brother and his friend surprised me with a song (which I did not expect at all) and the next one being, when Ishan promised, in front of everyone, to keep me happy always. It surely moved me.

  • If You Could Describe Your Wedding Day Using One Word, What Would it be?


  • What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

Retinue Dance practices. It was epic! 

  • What's been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

Didn’t come across anything difficult to agree upon as such. We planned the entire event together. Also, my wedding planner did an amazing job, handling everything and making things easier. 




  • Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to Singapore for a week

  • What is your idea of, “and they lived happily ever after”?

I think it is about how much we comprise, how we communicate and how we understand and respect each other.

  • What has surprised you the most during the first few weeks/months of being married?

It is surprising to see friendship and love together! Even though we are married we are still like best friends, sharing everything and looking after each other. And proudly saying  ‘I married my friend!’

  • Who’s good at forgetting and better at forgiving?

Both Ishan for sure


Photographer : Cloud Attic / Yohan’s Studio

Videographer : The Wedding Diary

Event Planner : Siritha wedding planner

Florist : Kandyan Floral Edge

Invitation Design : Younma

Ceremony Venue : The Kingsbury (Balmoral ballroom)

Reception Venue : The Kingsbury (Balmoral ballroom)

Entertainment : FLAME band

Bride’s Wedding Band : Vogue Jewellers 

Groom’s Wedding Band : Vogue Jewellers 

Groom Prep Location : Salon Liyo/ The Kingsbury 


Bridal Gown : ibride by Indi (Indi Yapa Abeywardana) 

Hair Piece : Hair ornament – Gitano collection 

Bridal Earrings/ Traditional set : Gitano Collection

Hair : Brides by Leena ( Leena Gampolage)

Makeup : Viran Jose Peter

Bridesmaid Dresses : ibride by Indi ( Indi Yapa Abeywaradana)

Bridesmaid Shoes : Glow shoes 


Suit & Shirt : Imtiaz designers

Groomsmen Suits : Imtiaz designers


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