Wedding Story of Fariha and Raed

November 06, 2018 12:33 pm

● Your initial meet. How did it happen?
We were classmates but got to know each other towards the end of college. We hung out with family and friends on different occasions, however, our interests for photography and life brought us together. 
● Who made the first move? how?
It was really like a mutual understanding that we were interested in each other but Raed was the one who initiated the first official connection by stating that he would like to see something beautiful grow between us. 
● What was your first impression about your spouse?
Fari: He is funny, sweet, adorable and has a cuddly personality.
Raed: She is beautiful, creative and an adorable wifey 
● In what ways are you most alike?         
We love adventure, food and travelling. It is funny how sometimes there are moments where we telepathically connect. It really brings us closer. 
● What's your most memorable date? why?
It would probably be our engagement day 27th of July 2015. We were in our best dresses, happy moods and felt a sense of comfort and freedom. 
● Three things you love and hate about your partner.
Fari: I love that he has a giving nature, he is open-minded and absolutely funny. I don’t think there is anything I hate about him, however, he does snore super loud in my ear LOL.
Raed: I love how caring she is, how she is excited about life and I love how she made me experience little things in life that I never thought I would have done. Hate is a strong word but it’s funny how she needs to warm every category of food to make it “edible” :P.
● How did the proposal happen?
It was like any semi-traditional proposal but it was a very happy and calm occasionRaed, popped a subtle idea to me and eventually it lead to both of us asking our parents. Next thing we knew... we were happily engaged.
● What are you most looking forward to as Mr. and Mrs.? 
    Fari: A lot of communication, kindness, cooperation, commitments and lots of ever-growing love. 
    Raed: Date night. :)
● Most memorable moment from your wedding?
It would probably be our first look. It will always be one to remember. The excitement and joy we had when we first looked at each other will be an unforgettable one.
● If you could describe your wedding day using one word, what would it be?
       Royalty <3
● What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?
Walking down the aisle. I wanted to make it the most elegant and interesting entrance. From the form of the dress, to its tail along with the veil and then to the bridesmaids/ page boys/ flower girls positioning and the outfits as well. 
A well-planned entrance is always key. 
● Where did you go for your honeymoon?
We went to the Maldives, a dreamy resort called Paradise Island. Till today it remains a memory my husband and I will never forget. From the glass blue waters, baby sharks, sting rays to the breath-taking water bungalows and delicious food!
It was such an amazing experience!
● What is your idea of, “and they lived happily ever after”?
My idea of a happily ever after is the need to accept that no one's perfect and everyone has their ups and downs. Once these have been accepted and appreciated it builds a solid friendship.
FRIENDSHIP with your partner is vital.
● What Has Surprised You The Most During The First Few Weeks/Months Of Being Married?
How completely comfortable and carefree we are. We learn so much about each other and still manage to laugh through it all.
● Who’s Good At Forgetting And Better At Forgiving?
 I guess we both have our moments when it comes to forgiving and forgetting... in the end we love each other even more every second.



Photographer – Muslim Wedding Photography
Event Planner/Stylist – Golden Rose Staff / Family
Florist – Leriza Flowers
Invitation Design – Bride-Fariha 
Ceremony Venue – Golden Rose Hotel 
Engagement – Sapphire Hotel
Bride’s Wedding Band - Faith
Bridal Gown – Customized Dress (Saudi Arabia)
Bridal Boutique – Leriza Flowers
Hair Piece – Customized from UK
Lingerie – Customized from Saudi 
Shoes – Customized from Saudi
Earrings – Customized from Saudi
Hair – Beauty Dosage (Sri Lanka)
Makeup – Beauty Dosage (Sri Lanka)
Bridesmaid Dresses – Customized from Saudi  
Bridesmaid Shoes – Customized from Saudi + Milano
Suit & Shirt – Zara
Tie – Hameedias 
Tie bar – Odel
Shoes – Call it Spring
Grooming – Hanz De Fuko Claymation  

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