Wedding Story of Dushyanth & Stephanie

January 10, 2019 11:07 am

We had the privilege of dropping into the home of Dushyanth Weeraman & Stephanie Siriwardhana to chat about their beautiful love story and their extravagant wedding which was privately held with close friends and family in the romantic city of Italy. 

This fun loving duo spills out all the inside details on how they first met, who made the first move and how they fell in love. We can't help but gush over how adorable they are together as they reminisce how Dushyanth proposed to Stephanie by slipping in a ring while she's asleep only to be surprised as what was planned takes a humorous turn of events! 

You could say that Dushyanth & Stephanie indeed had the most beautiful dream wedding, and they solidify this fact by making sure that everyone who was part of this wedding was taken into consideration. 

From custom made slippers, to their personalized 'Love Blend' which was given to all guests who attended the wedding. Credit goes to Dylan Seedin & Jonathans for the amazing pictures of the wedding which we are surely oogling over!  

We can't stress enough on the fact of how adorable this couple is. Watch the full video here 


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