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November 25, 2019 1:09 pm

Choosing what style of cake best suits your wedding can be quite a task with so many designs flooding Pinterest!  Speaking to Mihara Jayalath who started Miss Whisk 4 years ago as a hobby has now made cake making her full-time job and enjoys every minute of it. Her cakes are well known for their simplicity, unique flavours and creativity. Mihara sees every cake as a blank canvas where each customer can have their very own creation. According to Mihara here are 5 cake designs that are trending this wedding season and are designs you must consider for your big days cake! 

All White cakes  

All-white wedding cakes are great for couples who look at simple aesthesis and a modern clean design. White wedding cakes along with white flowers and foliage or even a simple cake topper goes best with weddings both indoor and out and are a perfect match for brides who wear white. They have always been a constant in weddings throughout time for its simplicity and elegance.

Hand painted Cakes

Hand painted cakes are a recent trend that has picked up and has allowed couples to explore creatively using different mediums on a cake. Working around various shapes, sizes and colors couples are able to customize designs that match their wedding invites, attires and themes to create a perfectly synced wedding. Hand painted cakes are great for couples that pay attention to every little detail. Each hand painted cake is a creation of its own and will always be unique to the couple who chooses it! 

Watercolored Cake

Using textures and layers of icing and colour, Watercolour cakes have been a famous trend over the past few months. Watercolor designs are ideal for couples who want to incorporate color into their cakes, whilst using neutral coloured flowers to bring out the design. This type of cake goes best with weddings that have a vibrant colour scheme and is a great way to keep your cake simple and elegant yet matching your theme.   

Gold Accents

Cakes with gold/silver accents are ideal design for couples looking to add a subtle touch of glam to their big day. Gold/Silver on wedding cakes are a great way to connect with the rest of the decorations or even the sparkle on you outfits. You can use as little as you like or go all out, and your gold accent cake is sure to make a statement!   

Collection of Wedding Cakes

This trending design is great for couples looking for a variety of cakes comprising of different flavours, sizes and displayed on different levels along a consistent theme. This is a different and fun take on the classic tiered wedding cake. This style is perfect for couples looking to go big on their cake. This design must be complimented with a equally good table set up and display.   

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