The Wedding Story of Safra & Imaad

April 10, 2019 11:58 am

● Your initial meet. How did it happen?
We started talking to each other for the first time on Facebook and eventually became friends. Realized we are also distantly related and that our parents knew each other also well. 
● Who made the first move? How?
I did! I told him that I had feelings for him on the 14th of Feb 2009. And his response was almost a month later when he asked me out. 
 What Was Your First Impression About Your Spouse?
Umm.. I thought he was sweet, honest and smart. 
● In what ways are you most alike?       
Absolutely none! We are poles apart and we have never liked or agreed on the same things. I guess that's why opposites attract laugh 
● What's your most memorable date? Why?
I guess this would be the day he said that he loves me. 4th March 2009. It was probably those typical movie scenes on a rooftop. Starry skies above us and the ocean breeze blowing in our faces. We probably met for just 30mins but it felt like forever with him. It's a very special day for both of us. That was the start of our little love story.
 Three things you love and hate about your partner.
Love his smile 
Love his ability to comfort me with just a few words 
Love his shoulder massages after a long day! laugh 
Hate that he snores! That's pretty much it. 
● How did the proposal happen?
My best friend asked me to go for dinner and to dress up for the occasion. I thought our other best friend who is abroad had come on a surprise visit to Sri Lanka.
We went to Mount Lavinia hotel terrace and there was this heart shape made with candles on the floor. Since it was a few days after Valentines, my best friend said they must have forgotten to take down the decor and asked me to pose for a picture turning my back.
It felt like she was taking forever to click a picture so I turned around and saw him on his knees! A few of my other close friends were also present holding boards that said will you marry me with a band playing our fav song in the background. Well we all know what my response was blush
● If the proposal was a surprise, on a scale of 10 how well did it go?
10! I didn't guess a thing! 
● What are you most looking forward to as Mr. and Mrs.?
Simply just living life together 
● Most memorable moment from your wedding?
The first dance
● If you could describe your wedding day using one word, what would it be?
● What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?
Retinue stuff! 
● What's been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?
The venue 
● Where are you going for your honeymoon?
We plan in going to Thailand for a very late honeymoon laugh
 What is your idea of, “And they lived happily ever after"?
To enjoy each other's company forever and always.
 What has surprised you the most during the first few Weeks/Months of being married?
Waking up next to him and realizing it's not a dream and we made it happen! 
● Who’s good at forgetting and better at forgiving?
He's better and forgetting and both us are forgiving smiley

Event Planner / Stylist Events by Akushla
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Placecards  Events by Akushla
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Bride’s Wedding Band  Vogue Jewellers
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