The Wedding Story of Raushan & Azmina

October 23, 2017 10:03 am



  • Your initial meeting. How did it happen?

We first met in the year 2005. We both were attending the same Ordinary Level maths class at Shakthi Institute. It was the 24th of April 2005 to be precise. wink

  • Who made the first move? How?

Raushan : It was me who made the first move as I’m the one who actually liked her. Found the perfect moment to speak to her and expressed what I felt after a long time of only eye contact laugh

  • What was your first impression about your spouse?

Raushan : A very innocent, kind hearted, cool and calm person and that first impression was the reason for me to make a move. 

  • What was your first date like?

I think it was the last day of our Math class, a week before our Ordianry Level exams (3rd december 2005 to be precise again laugh). It wasn’t a date actually, just that we wished each other for the exams and it was the same day that I proposed to her!

  • Three things you love and hate about your partner.

Raushan : Love how passionate she is towards our family life. 
Love her honesty and commitment.
Her kind heart and her beautiful smile.

Nothing much to hate, just that she is a “neat freak” like the character Monica from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S




  • How did the proposal happen?

Raushan : When I initially proposed to her was when we were 16! Things didn’t go so well mainly because we didn’t know each other well enough and we had a long way to go in our studies and careers. Then we ended up as been good friends. However three years later after our Advance Level exams, I proposed to her again and let’s say we fell on track.

  • What's your most memorable day? Why?

24th of April 2015. The day we got married, exactly 10 years after we first met!
It was a blessed day filled with wishes and happiness flowing in from our parents, relations and friends.

  • What are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?

To always keep each other happy, enjoy every moment and make it count. To be good parents to our kids and to take care of and respect our parents and siblings.  





  • Most memorable moment from your wedding?

It was the time when I walked towards my bride awaiting me at the throne and held her hand. A very blissful moment filled with happiness. 

  • What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

It was the pre photoshoot on the day of the wedding. The planning and timing had to be perfect so that we could reach the wedding hall on time. We started the day at the salon where Azmina had to dress and do her make-up (which took an eternity to finish) and then we had to rush before sunset to the location where the cameraman along with his crew were waiting.

There was a considerable distance from the pre shoot location towards reaching the wedding hall and with the traffic (after all the dramatic poses and acting-out sessions), it seemed like we were travelling to another universe. Thankfully our friends were experts in hidden routes and driving in tensed situations, which made sure we were at the venue on time. 

  • What's been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon? 

Since Azmina is a perfectionist, the tiniest matters of the wedding too seemed like it should be resolved by the U.N! Therefore in the planning process of selecting the theme colour for the wedding, I learned about quite a lot of new colours. I didn’t know there was "that" much of a variety in colours that existed as per my books! laugh 



  • Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Our destination was Malaysia. There we visited Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands and the beautiful Langkawi. I must say that the sceneries in Langkawi were just spectacular and out-of-this world! 

  • What is your idea of, “and they lived happily ever after”?

“Living happily ever after” is true when you and your better half are ready to live as one single soul. Sacrificing for each other, keeping each other happy and respecting each other’s interests will definitely take you there. 

  • In the wake of disagreements, how do you find common ground? 

We talk openly and resolve it before it goes stale. Then we forget it and move on. We both believe that it’s just that moment when things heat up but there’s a long way ahead and in the long run any disagreement will look petty.

  • Who’s good at forgetting and better at forgiving?

I’m good at forgetting and she is good at forgiving whenever I forget. That sums up everything yeah wink



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