Proposal Story of Zainab & Renal

May 13, 2019 2:16 pm

The Romance

  • How did you and your fiancé meet and when?

We’ve known each other for almost 8 years. We went to middle school together and he was in my class. I’ve always thought he was cute and had a crush on him but turns out so did he!

We didn’t start dating immediately cause we were seeing other people and over time he became my best friend and eventually when he left to the UK a good 4 years ago, I realized I actually liked him a LOT and that began the relationship. 

  • What has been your most memorable date so far and why?

We did long distance for most of our relationship, therefore, we didn’t get to see each other much. We started dating when we were turning 18 and with my strict parents, we weren’t exactly given the most freedom.

However, this time when I went to the UK - I guess the most memorable date would be when we went to Nandos and butchered a platter of chicken and then watched Five Feet Apart at the movies and then walked back home holding hands. Somehow the little things made it so much more magical. 

  • How did the proposal happen?

This was unexpected! It was my birthday and he kept taking me around throughout the night and I knew since he was constantly on his phone - he was planning something but I had zero clue about it.

We started out with the London Eye, the river Cruise, lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant then we headed to the Cable cars and eventually to the O2 Arena - in here his whole family, friends and my best friend were waiting at a restaurant to surprise me.

Obviously I believed that was the end to the day, but when we were heading back home - he kept missing the trains and I honestly believed it was legit a mistake but eventually it got annoying and I got really annoyed.

Soon as I went home, I just went to my room cause I was exhausted and really needed to shower and sleep. But he called me out to the living room, and when I went there - the whole place was covered in red rose petals and lit up with candles and he stood there holding a ring box and popped the question!! So much love to his mates and my best friend for sneaking out of the party to get this done! 

  • Tell us all about your ring!!!

My ring is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I love it, and considering we’re only 21 - he clearly did well! He knows my love for Sri Lanka and my obsessions with labels and brands so he got it from Sri Lanka from the Colombo Jewelers Store. 

  • Did he give you any hints he was about to pop the question?  

I hate surprises, so obviously, he told me he’s going to propose when I come to the UK, this time but just not when it’s going to happen. Plus I’m so picky with my ring designs and stuff he had to low key ask for my ring size and stuff but the actual proposal took me completely by surprise! 

  • Which detail of the proposal took you most by surprise?

The dimmed light, the floor covered in rose petals and the candles lit up everywhere - it was so beautiful and I’m still shocked he managed to pull it off without me even having the slightest idea. 

  • How has wedding planning been so far?

Tough, everything’s so expensive and we plan on getting our nikah done in the UK. We’re still looking into possible venues, dresses and everything else! It’s a lot of work and we finally get why weddings are super stressful! 

  • What are you looking forward to the most as a couple?

To live together and appreciating each other’s presence and existence on an everyday basis since we did long distance for a long time! Apart from that, it’ll be to explore different restaurants and watch a billion movies and travel cause that’s something we both enjoy so much! 

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