Unique Guest book ideas

September 11, 2018 1:55 pm

Along with your wedding film and photos, your wedding guest book is one of the few mementos you’ll be treasuring after your big day. Your guestbook can act as a décor principal point and add a trendy element to your reception with just a few simple tips and very little cost.

Here are some ways you can surprise your guests with creative and personalized guest book ideas that aren’t actually books!

On your welcome table, have a basket of blank coasters and some permanent markers for guests to fill out with funny memories and advice. Can it never hurt to have a little helpful marital advice right? You’ll eventually end up using these when you have your morning coffee while getting settled into the new chapter of your lives.

Collect postcards from your wedding location or places you and your husband have or would love to visit soon. Have your guests write “love notes” or traveling advice to you on the back of the cards. This is one of the best wedding guest book ideas for adventurous couples!



Nostalgic Notes

Provide your invitees with a personalized questionnaire. After the wedding, collect all of them and make a book out of them by either binding them or placing them in a creative DIY album. This is a casual and amusing way to look back at your wedding like a yearbook!

The Perfect Fit

Another playful and simple guestbook suggestion, simply collect enough jigsaw pieces to suit your number of guests and ask your guests to sign a sentimental note or a message on each piece. You could fix all the pieces and turn it into a decorative frame, or leave it as it is as it is compact enough to store away too.


Date Night Inspiration

Many newly wedded couples are often lost when it comes to date night and what exactly to do. Save yourself from this misery by obtaining an idea from a jar of ideas given to you by your wedding guests. You can DIY this simple project on your by using printable templates found largely on the internet.


Piñata Wedding Guest Book

Ask your guests to write a note and place it in your piñata. Over time, burst it open on your anniversary to find all the love notes and; beautiful and unforgettable mementos from your friends and family. What a wonderful way to relive your wedding day!


Rocky Display

Polished rocks or stones are a perfect wedding guest book idea for any nature-loving couple. Make sure the stones have a smooth surface and have paint-style oil markers or enamel-based metallic pens to write on them. After the wedding, turn the signed rocks into an ornamental piece by displaying them in a glass vase or even adding them to your garden.


Personalized Platter

Purchase a large platter from a local pottery shop and ask your guests to sign it with a special pencil or marker (please do ask the pottery expert for advice on this), then return it back to the shop to have it glazed and re-fired. Mount it on a wall, or rest it on a key piece of furniture. You could also personalize your platter by engraving your names and the wedding date.


Creative Calendar

Another practical and budget-friendly idea is to use a calendar as your guestbook and ask your invitees to sign on their birthday. It’s a fun way to remember who came to your wedding and at the same time to remind you to send out birthday wishes to them!


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