Wedding Invitation 101

June 19, 2018 11:42 am

A wedding invitation is a sneak peek to your big day, through an invitation you let your guests know the most important details of your wedding day.

Fancy, was the theme for most wedding invitations for a few years, which has now gradually changed to rustic or vintage, whatever the theme may be, lets read about a few ways of perfecting what’s in it. 



In Sri-Lanka most often, a wedding invitation and its content will have a little bit to do with the couple’s religion, therefore along with the common details, a phrase or wording related to their beliefs will be added onto the invitation.

Image courtsey: Sahani Michelle 

Your wedding invitation should ideally define the style and flow of your wedding day; it should be able to convey to the intended invitee the flow of the day, be it extravagant, classic and elegant or vintage and rustic.

Therefore before you meet with your stationery designer discuss and finalize your flow, it is important that the designer and you are on the same page.


When deciding your wedding invitation pay attention to all of the below. 

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The colors 
The colors 
will be according to your theme of-course; however it is important to keep readability in mind when choosing your colors, if you’re getting creative and fancy with bright colors readability might skip your mind.

Shape and Size 
It is advisable not to go for very heavy or bulky cards, keep it simple, this way if needed; posting would not be an issue. 

Overcrowding the invitation 
Sometimes couples get carried away with creativity and tend to overcrowd the invitation. An overcrowded card will lose its purpose; keep in mind to only add what’s absolutely necessary, there is no need to give away too much information.

Confirm the dates, venue, theme
It will be a hassle for both parties to keep amending an invitation 
while in process, therefore discuss and finalize the dates, venue, theme etc before having the final discussion with your stationary provider. 

We understand the importance of a beautiful wedding invitation. We also see some couples spending way too much on it. Do your research and find a stationary provider that suits your budget and try not to deviate from it. There are plenty of beautiful ideas out there which are easy on the pocket, you just got to find it.

While the above is important
the wordings on the invitation are undoubtedly the most important aspect of it. The wording will add value and emotion to your invitation; therefore it is of utmost importance you get it right.

Be wise when choosing the wording on your invitation. There are certain rules to follow when doing this. Discuss with your stationary provider about the best way to word your invitation. 

The traditional wedding invitation will begin with a beautiful phrase be it religious or otherwise.

The invitation must include the below in order, 
mail Details of the host followed by a beautifully phrased line r
equesting the invitees' presence 

mail Invitees name 

mail The date and time  

mail Venue

mail Dress code – If any  

mail Names and contact numbers of the hosts for RSVP (Please Respond) purposes.

Follow the above and you two will have the perfect wedding invitation in your hands.


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