Top wedding etiquette DON’TS

February 19, 2020 9:45 am

Planning a wedding is no easy task. The to-do list just keeps getting longer by the day. With all the stress, drama and wedding cake there are a few things that might slip your mind. We’ve come up with common wedding etiquette mistakes that will help you cut the gossip about your big day!

  • Don’t post a #ISaidYes Instagram post before you’ve told your aunties 

It might be hard to keep the good news away from your happening Instagram account and inquisitive followers, but we all know that if our aunties are not the first to know we are in for some drama!  It’s important to tell your parents first preferably in person followed by your siblings, grandparents and then, of course, your aunties and uncles. From there you probably want to call your besties and shout out the good news.

After all, the close and loved ones know your big news it’s time for a fancy picture of the ring and a catchy caption, followed by endless comments congratulating you, don’t forget to reply that each and everyone of them for all the love and wishes!      

Image courtesy : @queen_bae_1926

  • Don’t get late!

It’s important that the groom, bride and close family arrive on time and as planned to the wedding venue. It is rude if your guests are at the venue on time and are kept waiting for long, so plan well and don’t be late for your own wedding! It is easy for guests to feel forgotten and unattended if you keep them waiting or have long gaps between your religious ceremony and reception.

If both the functions are at the same venue remember not to take too long to start your reception but if they are at two different locations give your guests enough time to move from one to the other but not too much time to leave them hungry and restless. If you do have delays and unavoidable gaps remember to keep your guests entertained and munching!

  • Don’t forget your vendors

Your vendors help you in every way possible to make your big day special and memorable so it’s important you take care of them and attend to their needs as well. Of course, as the bride you won’t be able to do this so remember to but a family member or friend in charge of making sure your vendors have everything they need and that they do not leave your wedding in hungry. 

  • Giving out invites after your RSVP deadline.

Make sure you give out all your invites early so that your guests have time to prepare and also respond to you confirming their attendance. However, if you realize some of your guests are not going to make it and invite others instead don’t give them invites that have a passed RSVP date as it makes it obvious that they were initially not on your list or only invited last minute. 

  • Don’t forget to thank and greet your guests!

As you and your better half say I do on that special day you will have a room full of loved ones from all around the country or even the world to celebrate with you, so take some time to greet and that each one of them for being there and celebrating your big day.  

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