Top picks on bridal hair accessories

May 14, 2018 1:56 pm

"Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self- love"

as quoted by Ademola Mandella speaks volumes (puns intended) especially on your wedding day. 

However, before you pick out your hair accessories it is most important to consider the following 10 factors:

  1. Is it within your budget?
  2. Your personal hairstyle – classic, romantic or boho bride?
  3. Wedding theme
  4. The hue of your hair colour
  5. The colour of your wedding dress
  6. Gold, Silver or Natural floral designs for hair accessories?
  7. The adjustment and angle of photography of your hair jewellery
  8. Does it match the other wedding jewellery?
  9. Get the opinion of a professional
  10. Try then buy

After considering the above points you can now start choosing a wide range from hair jewellery, tiaras, clip combs and flowers. Today, we bring to you the top picks on bridal hair accessories for 2018.

Bridal Hair Comb or Clip 

If you opt to be a classic bride then hair combs are your go-to choice. With so many styles to choose from, go for one that speaks to your style.

Combs work best on an updo hairstyle on the back swept onto the side with the hair up or down.  Combs are also one of those accessories that have been passed down generations.

You can avail these as a vintage collection in rhinestones, bedazzled embellishments and antique golds and silvers. 

Headband or Tiara 

To create that regal look and make a dramatic statement go for a headband or tiara. You can choose between a traditional classic one or a glamorous blinged one.

Tiaras work best on an updo hair, all down or a half up half down look. This can be done in Victorian inspired lace designs for headbands or a swan design tiara.  


Hair Flowers 

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Nothing makes a romantic bride more beautiful than adorning your hair with flowers. Choose a simple flower for a garden wedding or you can go for a more embellished look if the wedding is fancy.

Faux suede bridal flower crowns can be bought online which are cheap, yet pretty.

Hair Vines 

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This is a must for that boho chic look. Hair vines can be twisted into any hairstyle or even across your forehead. If you have the money, you can avail a sparkling delicate metal branch studded with Swarovski crystals. 

Hair Pins 

Nothing holds your perfect hairstyle like hairpins. If you are an avid fan go for ones that are metal tinted to give that extra flamboyant look on your hair. You can buy pearl ones to give that extra shine to your hairdo or a gold butterfly hairpin. 

Head chains 

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As much as the traditional Sri Lankan bride has her compulsory head jewellery one can always opt for a vintage style like that of a silver-coin-head chain or a teal-chandelier-head-chain for a more bold move or a simple pearl-bohemian-head-chain to complete the boho chic look.

These can go across your forehead across the middle parting of the hair or hang low from the behind of your head.

Head accessories are essentially beautiful items that complement your wedding ensemble. It is important to note that all your accessories should work together in total harmony and finally always stay true to yourself – only you get to feel and be the most beautiful


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