Top Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

May 15, 2018 11:17 am

Selecting the right wedding dress is not just about the right fitting; it is about selecting a masterpiece that will make you remember the dress for years after the big day.
It is THE dress that will exude your personality and style to all who will witness the big event. Shopping for the wedding dress is both an exciting yet stressful task.
No matter what cultural or religious background you come from we have compiled an exclusive list of 10 top tips to shop for the perfect wedding dress to give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience!
1. Research
We no longer live in an era where the wedding dress is merely traditional. It should be chic and one that should make everyone looking at you gasp and of course mesmerize the significant other.
From wedding exhibitions, online blogs to bridal magazines inspiration can be found everywhere. From white ivory to champagne; familiarize with terminology, materials and colours.
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Speak to friends and see which stores are the best. A good seamstress and assistance can give you the best advice on your wedding dress. Jot down a selected few places and have appointments made well in time. Start 6 months in advance!
2. Stick to a budget
Decide on how many pieces of bridal wear you will need.
Is it just the white wedding bridal wear?
Am I having a going away dress?
I should get the homecoming dress made too!
Now have a flexible budget that will also include alteration, delivery or shipping charges. Make sure it is a realistic one!
3. Decide on your theme
A successful wedding will always have a theme. Your theme is key to determining your dress.
Is it a summer or winter wedding?
Will it be a day or night wedding?
Will it be a garden, hotel or beach wedding?
You do not want to have a long flowing veil on a beach wedding and you do not want to have too much net and chiffon on a garden wedding.
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Will your wedding be on natural light or hall lights? These will be crucial when deciding the colour of the bridal dress.
Should I wear a revealing dress or dress more conservatively because it is a Church wedding? Highlight your theme on your bridal attire!
4. Shop in advance
A bride’s biggest nightmare is leaving to pick her bridal attire for the last minute. Delivery takes time. Also once you buy the dress remember it takes at least 2 months to alter it.
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You also need to think about the bridal retinue and the other accessories of the bridal attire. Even a correct decision is wrong if it is taken too late!
5. Keep an open mind and shop in a small group
Having that second opinion is always helpful. However, you do not have to bring an entourage!
It is always wise to bring along the closest acquaintance to you; your mother, sister or maid of honour.
They will give you an honest opinion and will always want the best for you.
Be strong enough to take in any constructive criticism from them and keep an open mind to any changes you may face in selecting that perfect dress. 
6. Optimize your shopping time
Try not to shop on weekends as stores are always packed with people. Take a half day from work or shopping during the week will allow the sales person to give you exclusive attention.
Have an itinerary so that you don’t waste time finding the place and make the most of your route. Also sticking to a small group makes the task a whole lot faster! 
7.  Prep up prior to the big fit on
Wear the right underwear preferably a nude panty and strapless bra before the big fit on. Wear little or no makeup; you want to see how the dress colour looks on your natural skin.
If you have already purchased the accessories bring those along as well. Bring in your wedding shoes (or a similar pair) too.
8. Trust Your Instincts 
No one knows you better than yourself. You know your style, body and what makes you happy.
Do not be fooled by 70% discounts in stores. Chances are there are flaws in the dress or it is simply out of fashion.
If you have to be reassured that the dress is right, then it is not the dress for you. The right dress will not make you change your mind and always remember it is not about just looking right it should make you feel right.
Your comfort on your big day is important so be bold enough to say no to anything too tacky and unhappily expensive.
9. Make up your mind and stick to it
Wedding dresses come in so many styles and material, sometimes you just want to buy them all!
Once you do have your eyes set on a dress and purchase it, keep it away at your mother’s place. This way you will be less tempted to go for another one and also you will stop doubting your choice.
You can now stop looking and move onto to other important tasks of your big day. 
10. Have fun!
The most important thing is to have fun! Make the outing a memorable one which will not only include dress shopping but also a scrumptious luncheon or high tea.
Remain calm and cautiously optimistic.
You may visit one store more than once so don’t get disheartened, be patient enough to keep yourself eager and excited at all times.
End of the day it is your dress that finds you, that makes you look stunning, resplendent and exceptional. Looking back, these will be priceless memories to cherish. 
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