Top Beachy Accessories for a Honeymoon by the Beach

June 11, 2018 2:50 pm

Heading off to an exotic beach location for your honeymoon? Your honeymoon packing list should definitely include these destination specific wardrobe essentials apart from the obvious bathing suits, 
bikinis and tankinis that you will need. Here’s a guide to get you thinking about how you can look glamorous and pulled together on your very first vacation as Mr and Mrs. 

If you’ve invested in a sexier than usual bathing suit for your beach honeymoon but suddenly not so sure if you would want to walk around in it on a 
public beach, that’s where a cover-up comes in handy.

The usual go-to cover-up is a beach wrap but you could also consider a range of clothing options in light and breathable fabrics such as maxi dresses, tunics, kimono tops, shorts & T-shirt combos, shirt dresses, sarongs, rompers, jumpsuits, mini dresses, flared skirts, kaftans, culottes and wrap dresses to name a few. Your selection of cover-up should be flattering to your body type and help you cover areas of your body you may not be so confident about.

What’s more, it should be a reflection of your personal style and one which will help you transition from the beach or pool on to other activities in your hotel resort or locale.

Every outfit needs a bit 
of jewellery to lift it up and a beach ensemble is no exception. Generally colourful boho style bold cuffs and statement bangles, rings and necklaces are called for. While personal style generally dictates how these items should be coordinated along with a given bathing suit and cover-up combo, most often what would be required is one single piece of jewellery like a stylish cocktail ring to complete the outfit. These little accessories do come in handy especially when heading over to the beach bar for sunset cocktails, dinner or even partying out late at night. 


A beach holiday would definitely need good old rubber flip-flops for the multiple trips to the beach and pool as well as for lazy walks. For a slightly more styled up casual outfit worn during daytime you would require holiday sandals or comfy slides. And for a night out sandals with a wedge heel would be a chic and beach-appropriate choice. 

Hair Accessories 
Taming your locks on a humid beach is tricky and therefore to look groomed and comfortable it is always important to pack in a few handy hair accessories. Hairbands,
clips, and cloth headbands are usually what would be needed but to take things a notch or two higher in terms of style you could also use bandanas and scarfs to create a complete boho-chic look. 


Since sunburn is usually a concern for most Sri Lankans and since carrying an umbrella around is both impractical and cumbersome a stylish sun hat is the best solution. Wider the brim the better the coverage you will receive. Select a neutral or plain-colour
which will complement any outfit you pack to get the most of your sun hat.  

A good pair of sunglasses is certainly a must have as you head to any tropical location. It is probably wise to leave your expensive shades behind and purchase a cheaper one specifically for the trip. Based on your personal preference you could opt for Oversized, dark sunglasses or for more fun and 
quirky colours, rims and lenses. 
In addition to the long list of accessories 
mentioned above, you are also likely to have at the very least your sunscreen, towels, lip balm, perfume, wallet, mobile phone or tab with you at most times. To carry the must-haves around a beach bag is a useful thing to take along. Usually, canvas totes and shoulder bags can pack in the most amount of items and deals well with a sandy terrain. When out and about elsewhere at your beach destination, cross body bags, satchel bags or mini back-packs will also look good.  


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