The correct way for a successive wedding speech

June 19, 2018 12:30 pm

The season of weddings is here! 

If you’re getting ready to get hitched this season and your speech is giving you a bit of a heart attack, this little piece of writing is for you. We understand that getting in front of all your family membersin-laws and crew on the biggest day of your life to give a speech can be quite a task, so we decided to help you out.

You sat down and wrote it, rehearsed it in front of a mirror a few times, thought about it a million times probably, now it’s finally time to deliver it.

First and foremost breathe, take a good look at your wonderful partner, savor a glass of champagne and go for it.

There is no ideal time to give your speech, you both along with your event planner (if you have one) can pick the best and most suitable time for the speech. 

Follow the below guidelines and we guarantee you an award-winning speech without a sweat.

yes Arrange a rehearsal at the venue before the big day. 

Practicing in front of your family or mirror is not the same thing. A rehearsal will help you familiarize yourself with the setup and get you geared up before the big day if you are using a handheld mic or a wireless, pace your voice.

If there is a presentation, make sure you both go together, remember practice makes you perfect.

yes Memorized or not  

If you are one of those people who can memorize a speech and deliver it perfectly while being nervous then you are on the clear, but if you are not so great at memorizing, we suggest you use a few cue cards to help you out during the speech, these are pretty handy.

yes Don’t be someone else

This is a definite ‘oh no no’, the speech should be about you or the both of you, so keep it real. Everyone present knows who you are, thus pretending to be someone else will throw people off.

We suggest you keep the audience entertained by portraying yourself rather than somebody else.

yes Make eye contact  
Your speech will have bits and pieces about your family members, your partner
friends and siblings. Make eye contact when talking about them, keep it personal and emotional, it’s ok to get a little emotional on your wedding day. Everyone’s got tissues.

yes Emit confidence   
You most probably will be nervous, you will also be thrilled, excited but during your speech you’d probably be just nervous, we advise you to pretend to be confident, sometimes pretending to be confident is the best way to get yourself through anything tough.

yes It’s not a race

Since your nervous and maybe a little shy you might want to speed up your speech and get it over with as quickly as possible, but DON’T! 

Remember that you are there to address your loved ones to share your thoughts and happiness on your wedding day, so pace yourself, take it slow, enjoy and let everyone listening in enjoy your speech.

yes Finally! Have a little humor  
This is your wedding day, a happy occasion. Have a few cue cards with a couple of jokes to keep the listeners and yourself entertained. Ease the stress and relax, funny is attractive after all!












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