May 24, 2018 3:31 pm

Planning your wedding is no easy task, amidst your busy schedule and stress you will definitely need some help and what better help than your mobile phone that’s always with you at any time.

Here are some trending wedding related mobile apps that will help you at every step of your wedding planning process, from budgets to invitations and inspirations these apps are sure to be your best friend days before your wedding.  

Before you start any of your wedding planning, you definitely need 
inspiration to start with and what better way to start than by installing Pinterest on your phone.

This app is loaded with pictures that are sure to inspire every little detail of your wedding. Pinterest is easy to use and is available for free on both Android and iOS, while you browse through to find for wedding ideas don’t forget to pin the ones you like best to refer later. 

LadyMarry Wedding Planner
LadyMarry Wedding planner is a great free app for all you’re on the go DIY wedding planning, the app helps you plan a dream wedding with just the help of your mobile phone, and it includes monthly checklists to hands-on tips to, 
day of timeline, like a professional wedding planner. 


Planning a wedding can be quite costly and I’m sure you don’t want to go broke in the process, this app helps you to create 
a budget for your wedding and also shows you how much you’ve spent on each category.

You can even link your credit and debit cards and get notifications when your spending’s are over budget, this is a great app to help you manage all finances for your big day.

Pantone Studio
One of the first few wedding planning decisions you are likely to make is what your colour theme is, and say ‘I like blue’ is just not going to help with all the options of ‘blue’ out there. The app will help you choose the perfect set of colours for your wedding. The app is available for all iSO and Android users.


This app helps you virtually design 
the floor plan of your wedding if you have a wedding planner he or she can help you place the furniture and décor around the venue and make changes using the app.

This app is great for all those brides who want everything to be perfect this way you can give a clear picture of how you want your venue to look like on your big day while you get dressed stress free.  


isn’t officially a wedding app but is great to keep all your wedding planning organized, it includes checklists and even helps you sketch this way you can ensure that what you want is what you get from your vendors as you can sketch and share your designs. The app is available for all Android and iSO users 

Wedding invitation maker 

Your app store is filled with various wedding invitation designing app, choose anyone you like and design away, designing your invitation can be lots of fun for you and your partner.

You can play around with patterns and colours and have multiple designs to virtually share with your family to get their approval.




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