February 25, 2019 12:18 pm

Continuing the age old tradition of carrying a bouquet at a wedding can be a little stressful as the bouquet plays an important role on your bridal look. Here are a few bridal bouquet ideas that are trending for 2019, that will help you choose the perfect bridal bouquet to make your day even more perfect.

1. Feather Bouquets

Incorporating a few non-floral elements like feathers into your bridal bouquet can give it a whole new look. The features you plan to use can be white to add to your simple bridal look or even colored to add a pop of colour to go with your wedding theme shades. If you do not find feathers in the colour you are looking for you can try dyeing the feathers to get the perfect shade.

2. Greenery and Ferns

Adding more amounts of greenery and ferns to your bouquet will give a great wild and natural look. This is also a great way to make the bouquet look fuller, without having to add a lot of flowers.

3. Single coloured bouquets

Bouquets with Monochromatic shades are a great way to add colour to your bridal look, especially if you your outfit mostly consists of white. These bouquets are a great way to play around with various shapes and sizes.

4. Bigger is better

If you are a bold bride who loves going big, big bouquets are in trend this season. This bouquet style is typically asymmetrical and even a bit untamed at times, which is what gives it so much personality.

5. Cactus bouquets

Incorporating various kinds of cactuses in your bridal bouquet is a great way to add natural elements other than flowers and leaves. Cactus in bouquets are great for rustic weddings.

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