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November 04, 2019 3:28 pm

Sri Lankan weddings have always been extravagant and planned to the last detail, gifting at Sri Lankan weddings have always been important. However, when it comes to the convenience of gift-giving there has yet to be a better method than carrying boxes to the hotel, as if wearing a saree wasn’t enough to worry about. An Online wedding gift registry is a great way for couples to request the gifts they would like to receive at their wedding and an equally convenient way for guests to purchase those items online. 

This is where Silver Aisle comes in—Sri Lanka’s first and only, Online Wedding Gift Registry. Speaking to Silver Aisle’s founder Yanika Amarasekera who grew up listening to the all-too-familiar story of her parents receiving ten tea sets as wedding gifts. Having returned to Sri Lanka after a five-year stint in San Francisco and London, she was surprised to learn how online gift registries, which had become the norm in Western countries, had not come to fruition in Sri Lanka. After identifying this missing puzzle piece in the wedding industry, she formed Silver Aisle – an online platform that combines first-in-the-market technology with a keen eye for interior. 

Here are five reasons why Silver Aisle would be the perfect gift registry for your special day!

Choice for Couples

With standard in-store registries, while couples have the ability to choose the items with which they build their home, due to time constraints and other logistical reasons, most couples settle to creating registries in around two stores, therefore limiting their choice.  

Through Silver Aisle, couples visit our website and create an account in minutes, which subsequently becomes their registry. Then, they can select their favourite items from over a 1000 products, spanning 30 vendors – including the likes of Paradise Road, Dankotuwa, Singer, Gandhara, Sonali Dharmwardena Homeware, and many more! 

Silver Aisle is also introducing a range of experiences, ranging from romantic gateways to adrenaline-inducing activities!

Convenience for Couples

From this extensive product portfolio––that is growing on a daily basis––couples can leisurely browse through their collections and seamlessly add products to their registry through just clicks.

Whether the couple opts to do this through their laptop or phone, the process is equally effortless and all online. 

Pooling Function

The gifts most newlyweds would truly appreciate receiving are high-value necessities, such as fridges, washing machines, televisions, and so on. 

While many guests would love to gift such items, the high price tag often hinders this ability. 

Through Silver Aisle’s pooling function, multiple guests can contribute towards high value items. Once a guest contributes a certain amount towards the said item, that will be reflected, and other guests will be shown the amount required to complete the purchase. 

This is also a great option for guests who are on a tight budget, but would love to contribute towards something meaningful. 

Ease for Guests

As frequent wedding guests ourselves, we have all endured the inconvenience of wedding gift shopping in the midst of Colombo’s unfavorable traffic, and sometimes, just simply not knowing what to get.

Through Silver Aisle, couples give the ultimate convenience to guests, allowing them to purchase items they really want off their registry through their laptop or phones in minutes! – the blessings of technology!

Free Delivery

Finally, couples can choose a convenient date in which they would like to receive their wedding gifts, and Silver Aisle delivers all the gifts beautifully wrapped for FREE! You don’t even miss out on the pleasure of unwrapping gifts.

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