Pre Shoot hacks you should never miss during your pre shoot

January 19, 2021 11:25 am

We at “We Do” sat for an interesting conversation with amazingly talented Kaushika Devanarayana from “Dev Photography” to know more about pre shoots hacks. Kaushika is a self -taught photographer who will always try to capture the best shots and make ordinary looks extraordinary with his magical hands.

He said that at the end of each and every pre-shoot he takes the joy in making his couples feeling free and comfortable in front of the camera. Undoubtedly there is something visceral about the way he captures the moments that keep us staring at his pictures. “If someone asks me what makes my work unique from other wedding photographers, that is none other than the classical use of light and camera angles.” He highlighted.

1.When you need to inform a date for the shoot
As they say it “Sooner the better “if they can block out the date in advance it will be much easier
for me.

2. What needs to be arranged two weeks before the photoshoot
Nothing much, we just have to finalize the location and the time and they just need to make it to
the location on time. That’s it.

3. What needs to be done a day before the photoshoot.
Nothing at all. There is nothing to be excited or nervous about because it will not be a hectic
photoshoot. Simply take it as another beautiful day for both of them.

4. During the photoshoot can they eat? How many gowns are allowed?
Yes, of course, It can also turn out to be a beautiful capture. As per gowns, t
hey can decide on the number of outfits that they are going to wear during the pre-shoot. Yet I usually encourage them to go for three outfits maximum.

5. As couples what should they do in the shoot?

One thing that you will notice in my pictures is the intimacy and the bond that they have. I just capture their true feelings and I try to unearth their smiles. I highly encourage them to be themselves. Trust me That's why they look happier in the pictures. What I believe is that not posing at all will surely add a great emotional boost to the final images.

6. Top 10 locations
As they say “go big or go home, “I go that extra mile to make all my pictures look grand and elegant by capturing portraits and close-ups of the couple. That’s why most of the clients keep choosing me as their wedding photographer for their dream day. Yet I do believe that irrespective of the location it’s my ultimate responsibility to make the picture beautiful.

7. What to bring
If the couple really want they can bring their own makeup and outfits otherwise they have nothing to bring.

8. How do they look natural in their photos

I want to avoid having my couples smile at the camera. I want them to be very natural and authentic.So that I asked them to be themselves and act naturally. There are some key poses that I capture, usually the lap-sit, kiss, the walk, and the cuddle. For me, it is really cute when a couple get so close when they put their foreheads together. I constantly remind couples to enjoy the moment as I photograph them. 

9. Beauty tips
I think beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I always try to “Keep it real.”

10. 4 things appreciate as a photographer
1.It helps me to notice my world and stay in the moment.
2.It will bring me joy and self-satisfaction.
3.It connects me with new people.

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- Darshani Abeyrathna