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December 02, 2019 10:53 am

The beauty of manicure has been drastically changed over the past years. Until the very recent years, painted nails in colors of bold red or baby pink were a demand and were symbolic for class & grown-up elegance. However with the boom in extravagant nail art made its appearance with eyebrow-raising colors such as teal, neon yellows and tangerine hues the rules of the game has surely changed.  Nails have evolved in becoming such high profile in the fashion and pop culture industry that younger generation women are using their nails as a means of expressing their individuality, fashion sense and creativity.

Nail art is no easy task – it is a painstaking process of painting intricate designs and gluing tiny jewels on to nails that are often extended with extensions to create a larger drawing canvas. Today we introduce a phenomenal lady, Ashani Pandithasekera of Niyarataa who has more than an eye for creativity. Her work has reached her new heights and is taking the industry in a storm.

  • How did you get into the nail art field?

Quite a long story, but cutting 8 years short, I was always into everything related to beauty and art, and for me nail art was just the perfect combination to blend the two interests together – I was fascinated by the creative experiences other nail artists around the world shared on social media and with a lot of practice and patience, I transformed what was just something I did for fun, into a passion and a profession.

  • When did you start doing Nail Art as a profession?

Last year in September 2019 – one year strong

  • What are some of the popular nail art techniques that you master in?

I am always on the ball with what is trending in nail art, hence for me I don’t have anything specific that I can say is popular, but in terms of a technical perspective, I specialize in acrylic, acrygel, and gel nail systems apart from nail polish. I also create custom nails for those who would like press on nails to wear on the go for an occasion that popped up last minute or more specifically ‘waleemas’

  • What is the most suitable techniques for bridal nails?

Ideally I would recommend acrylic or gel system for bridal nails since our tropical weather embraces a lot of humidity and if the bride would like to have longer lasting nails with the bridal nail art to be worn for their homecoming as well (if they have one) then it is the better choice. However, there are some brides who want their nails to just last for the day specifically brides from muslim weddings, hence permeable nail polish works best or custom nails.

  • Why is there an interest in nail art in the recent years?

Nail art is the cherry on top to anything a woman wears – you can look like a mess, but feel good in seconds looking at your nicely done nails – on the flipside, there is a heavy influence on nail art when it comes to fashion lately since it exists to complete the look for any special moment. It is not about the best hair or best makeup anymore, it is about looking just as good as feeling good about the way you look.

  • How does one take care of their nail art?

A lot of women think they need to walk around with their arms up in the air once their nails are done, but honestly, it is not necessary! One needs to just be aware of where the fingers touch such as opening a door handle or carrying a bag…also it helps to request for a length one is comfortable with and not attempt to wear nails so long that one is not used to.

  • Pre-care before visiting a nail artist

No pre-care needed, a real nail artist would prep the nails and give all the advice on how to care for their nails and recommend what is needed for each client – just like skincare, nail care differs from one hand to another, and most Sri Lankan women are not aware of how much nail care is needed.

  • Hottest and trending look in nail art this season?

3D French Nails and Bubble Nails

  • Who do follow as an icon for inspiration?

There is a heck of a lot, but to name a few:

Celeb icon would be Tom Bachik who is the exclusive celeb nail artist for Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, Shigeko Taylor who is also a celeb nail artist for commercial work.

Nail tech icon would be Vinchen of Vincent Nails, Priscilla van Uden from Home of Deva and Kirsty Meakin of Naio Nails.


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