Little ways to cut on excess wedding cost

September 17, 2019 12:20 pm

Your dream day, is a day full of romance, love, friends and family and it surely would be the most significant day in your life. Even though wedding preparation is full of fun and stressful sometimes, weddings will always cost an arm and a leg. Yet you will not be able to get away from the nitty-gritty of the wedding budget.

Therefore, we spoke to one of the wedding planners in the arena Kasun E Wickremasinghe of Decor by Era on ways to minimise your wedding budget here and there. He always thinks out of the box and always comes up with the unique ideas. When asked how did he become this creative he went onto say that “I always create what my heart says to create, things I adore very deeply, things I feel from the bottom of my heart and I always explore whatever magic I’m capable of making up”.

Here is what he had to say to “We Do.”

Pick a Venue That Mirrors Your Style

Think twice, and save your money by picking a venue that you do not want to spend a lot to decorate. The less you have to spend for decors the more you will save on the little bits and pieces. 

Limit Your Numbers

Why do you really need a team of bridesmaids? You can simply limit the number of bride’s maids in your team. By doing this you will effectively manage the cost and you can simply keep numbers low in order to stick to your family.

Wedding Cakes

At present lot of couples do not want to give wedding cakes and also wedding cakes can be extremely expensive. As I have observed most of the people really do not like to eat wedding cake. Instead of giving wedding cakes you can give a box of sweets or chocolates.

Order or Bake A Small Cake

You can simply have beautiful a one- or two-tier naked cake for that quintessential cake-cutting moment, do not go for a huge wedding cake.

Flower Decors

As a substitute for flower decors you should not spend boatloads of money on flowers that will surely die after the wedding. Yet always you can keep it simple and elegant. Sometimes we use plastic flowers that look like real flowers according to the choice of the couple.

Plan Everything 

It is really important to plan your wedding ahead. It is as important as your wedding. You can note down everything in a notebook and tick them off once it is done. This will surely reduce last-minute stress.

Choose A DJ Over A Live Band. 

It is true that DJs cost less than half what a live band will charge. When choosing the DJ, you should make sure that you give him your favorite song list to be played in the wedding.

Limit Alcohol (Let’s wine and dine)

As an alternative of serving hard liquor it is always better to serve them with wine and beer. If possible, bring your own liquor and negotiate for no corkage fee.

Honeymooning in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country enormously rich in nature, and why spend more to go abroad for your honeymoon. Sri Lanka itself is a relaxing honeymoon destination, where you can witness undying beauty of wonderful beaches and sparkling turquoise water-all bequeathed with serenity, euphoria and ecstasy! Last but not least, Sri Lanka is famously described as an all -time favorite honeymoon destination by all means.

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