Ideas for a small-sized wedding cake

December 05, 2018 1:41 pm

Deciding on your wedding cake can be quite a task, whether you’re going to go all out and have 10 tiers of cake or go small and elegant and have more variety of other desserts for your guests. If going small and elegant is your way then here are a few small sized wedding cake ideas that will still make a statement at your big day, cause after all when it comes to cake size really doesn’t matter.    

Floral cakes

Floral cakes are a great way to incorporate your wedding theme into your cake, you can use the same flowers as your wedding decor or bridal bouquet as inspiration. Flowers on your wedding cake can be included in many different ways, giving you room to be creative and unique.

You could use fresh flowers on your cake, edible flowers or even have the flowers painted on your cake for a unique touch. The great thing about floral cakes is that you can even mix two looks in one, you can have both natural and painted flowers both in one cake. Floral cakes are a great way to make your simple 1 or 2-tiered cake look full and elegant.      


Metallic cakes

Talk about a showstopper and a metallic cake might just be the perfect choice. A metallic cake will be the perfect choice for a ballroom wedding or Morden wedding. You could even tone down the bling with a subtler tier of your choice. Metallic cakes work best with fancy cake toppers as well as natural flowers and ribbon.

Rustic cakes

There are many ways you could go for a rustic cake, from naked cakes to Bundt cakes.  Rustic weddings have been an “I Do” trend for quite some time now, and a perfect small sized rustic cake is easy to create. You could decorate your rustic cake with wildflowers and leaves, dry fruits and berries or even carvings of the couple’s initials on the cake for a more personal touch. 


Ombre cakes

If you are a couple that loves colour and textures an Ombre cake is the perfect cake for you. Ombre cakes are a perfect choice. If you’re still somewhat unfamiliar with the term “Ombre”, it simply means the subtle shade shift of a colour, from light to dark, for a romantic and striking celebration of a single colour. Ombre cakes can be perfectly paired with fresh flowers and fancy cake toppers.   

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