How a Bridal makeup artist works magic

February 21, 2019 11:31 am

Makeup artists and their magical makeovers have many girls dreaming of the prospect of being transformed in to a stunning bride on their wedding day.

Bridal make up is an art form on its own and that’s why it has in the recent past grown into a specialized field with professionals who provide a very personal and professional service to their clients. Before locking in one for your wedding its worth taking a closer look at what to expect when working with a makeup artist. Here’s a closer look at the art form as practiced by popular wedding makeup artist Dil Sapukotanage

Bridal Makeup and looking natural

One of the fundamental things to note about bridal make up is that it is in many ways different to the type of professional makeup done for all other occasions. According to Dil the difference begins not only with the type of products used but also with the sheer number of products required to finish a makeup look of a bride.

The choice of products and the combination of products layered on to a bride is chosen by a makeup artist with the aim of keeping the makeup look fresh and light for a long period of time. And this means a lot of products are required. Wedding make up has to be able to withstand the rigors of the day and also has to be camera friendly.

But the real focus of bridal make up as Dil explains is to help the bride look an enhanced version of herself. It is a process of accentuating a bride’s natural beauty. While many brides ask Dil to give them a natural look on their wedding day, she explains that achieving a natural look does not simply translate to few products, light application of makeup and a quick application process.

Natural make up takes a great amount of skill, a host of high-quality makeup products and certainly more time. Typically Dil would take three and half hours to complete makeup and hair for a bride. During which time there will be a lot of applying, blending, finishing sprays and primers coming into the mix.

Preparing for the big day

It is important to book a make-up artist who takes time to understand your expectations for the big day. Dil initially meets her clients for a face to face chat. Ideas, concerns, needs and wants all get discussed directly with her and at the end of the discussion, Dil does a series of recommendations based on her professional expertise. There will be recommendation for designers and seamstresses for attire, floral designers for hair and bouquets and of course recommendations on how to tackle any underlying skin or hair health issues as well. Being only recommendations, it is up to the bride to decide what makes her the most comfortable and what is within her budget. Whatever a bride decides a talented makeup artist should be able to work out a makeup look to match.

Usually, a hair trial is done before the big day and the next time the bride meets Dil, is on her wedding day. Dil attends exclusively to the bride for over three and half hours, attending to hair, make up and sari draping as required. Her team of assistants are available at location for the makeup needs of the bridesmaids and they carry out a look for the day as decided by Dil.

Approachability and flexibility is what a brides treasures the most when working with a makeup artist it seems.

Knowledge, experience and talent.

Nailing the perfect makeup look is pure talent coupled with the right kind of training and experience, so it is worthwhile taking a look in to the portfolio of work of the makeup artist you select and of course their credentials. Dil Sapukotanage, began her career as a makeup artist after taking a bow from a career as a flight attendant with the national carrier.

Having formally studied beauty culture at the Cheryl Gooneratne Academy where she also spent a few years lecturing, she began her career as a makeup artist. It’s been 12 years since Dil commenced work in what is clearly her passion, and despite her experience and popularity she still spends time educating and updating herself with the latest makeup trends. She makes it a point to enrol herself at the famed London Academy in the United kingdom at regular intervals where the training and exposure she receives is invaluable for her work.

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