Dos and Don’ts of Wedding-Day Beauty

September 30, 2019 12:01 pm

Amazingly talented, award-winning beauty & bridal makeup artist, Tharaka Nalin is well known for his great capacity of making flawless beauties at Saloon Tharoo. He always comes up with exclusive ideas when it comes to weddings and engagements. He always makes her brides so gorgeous together with his sister Nadeeka Jayewardena. Both of them are down-to-earth and thereby they always keep their clients at ease. They think and believe the notion that there is nothing wrong with being a little extra when it comes to your big day. 

When asked about his secrets of making brides stunning, he explained that he just reflects the unique beauty of the bride that is already within her. His well -trained, magical hands and friendly personality always make him the go-to-person when it comes to make-up artists.

Being a bubbly personage, he said that he thinks the notion that” all women are born-pretty even without make up, yet when they meet the right makeup artist, it will make heads turn wherever they go”.

As makeup artist we do know that wedding days are full of excitements, therefore it’s so natural that the bride has got some level of anxiety in the day before their wedding. 

If you're not sure exactly how what to do just before your wedding day, just run through our we Do page.

Relax Relax Relax 

We really do not like to mention it, then again stress can have a visible reaction on your face, therefore you must relax day before your wedding. We highly recommend you to sleep as early as possible right before your wedding day. In order to be happy and enjoy your wedding day just go to bed as early as possible thinking that It’s going to be amazing!

Eat something even if you’re not hungry

Even though you have butterflies in your stomach even to think about your breakfast, as it is your big day, that is not a good idea actually. You should eat something and it will help you to get through the day. 

Set a backup alarm

It is essential to set a backup alarm in addition to your alarm just in case. You can ask two or three members of your family to set their alarms as well. It is just because you absolutely don’t want to be late to your wedding and there’s nothing like having your family waking you up on your big day

Meet your makeup artist 

You can ask your makeup artist for a discussion as early as you want and thereby you can let him know the look you’re aiming for. Makeup artist definitely will help you out to choose your saree and colors for your brides’ maid as well. Most importantly you should tell what you have in your mind to your makeup artist. Then he knows clearly what you want exactly.


If you really like to go for facials, or full-face threading, you can get those done. Yet it is not essential if you have a healthy skin or you are perfectly fine about your skin tone. Yet make sure that you do not pluck your eyebrows on your wedding day as well. When you meet your makeup artist, he will surely identify the tone of your skin and thereby he will recommend you the products that you should use. Follow them. 

DON'T get a manicure/pedicure hours before the ceremony.

Please do not apply nail polish hours before the wedding and you will have to be stuck sitting around waiting them to dry, if you do it on the wedding day itself. You can get this done the day before.

Do not use conditioner.

We advise our brides-to be to use only shampoo when they wash and please do not wash your hair in the morning of your wedding day.

Don’t try any new products up to three weeks before your wedding

Do not use new products that you have not used before. This contains skincare, hair care and make up.

Do not apply body cream on your hands.

SPF and moisturizing cream may reflect light off your body in professional pictures, therefore avoid using this.

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- Darshani Abeyrathna