June 11, 2018 1:17 pm

Wedding favours are a tricky tradition to think of, as you don’t want to end up spending too much but at the same time want to make sure you gift your guest something useful and memorable to take home from your special day. Here are few DIY wedding favour ideas that will help you stay in budget and gifts your guests will love.
DIY soaps
Yes! Soaps you heard it right, soaps are not hard to make as you think. Soaps are a great way to incorporate colours and themes of your wedding in your wedding favours. You can make them as personalized as you like from the fragrances you use to the moulds and packaging, soaps are a unique and useful gift your guests are going to love.
Here is a DIY soap video that might help you in the process.      

Seeds or plants 
Gifting your guests, a little bag of plant seeds or even a bud in a pot is a great way to let your guests see love grow, and remember you and your partner as the plant blossoms.
These little seed bags or plants are super easy to make and are definitely on the budget. These are great for a rustic garden wedding or even if you and your better half are nature lovers.      
DIY candles 
Candles are a great and useful gift for your guests, you can get as creative as you want with different shapes, containers, colours, packaging and fragrances. Candles are super easy to make and hope and cost effective too.
 Custom tea and coffee bags 
Let your guests know that ‘love is brewing’ with these take home tea or coffee bags. Buy tea or coffee in bulk and be creative in packing them, add in your names, wedding date and a little thanking note if you like. After all every Sri Lankan house has a coffee and tea lover.
Spice it up 
Bring out the inner chef in all your guests buy gifting them some homemade spices. You’ll find spices in abundance, you can either pack individual spices or even create your secret spice mix or rub. You can even try to incorporate the spices in your wedding menu and your guests are sure to take home a slice of your wedding.    
As wedding favours you can gift your guests some homemade sweets, from traditional ones like milk toffee or coconut rocks to even cookies, brownies and macaroons your guests are sure to satisfy their sweet tooth even after your wedding! 
If your someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, there is no sweeter gift than to give your family and friends a tiny jar of jam to take home. Jam is extremely easy to make at home, you can pick from the variety of seasonal fruits available and bottle it in tiny jars, you can even substitute the jam with honey or even homemade pickles. Decorate the jars with ribbon or favourite fabric and add in a personalized tag thanking your guests for being a part of your big day! 
Homemade sauce  
Gifting your guests, a taste of your secret sauce recipe is a great idea. Bottle up your favourite barbeque or sweet and sour sauce for your guests to take home and enjoy. You can even substitute sauces to your favourite mix of infused oils.   

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