Black Diamonds as a pledge of love

January 10, 2019 1:55 pm

Black Diamonds are certainly not for every girl. It is an unconventional choice in engagement and wedding jewelry and a refreshing departure from the usual. Tiesh (pvt) Ltd, one of Sri Lanka’s leading luxury Jewelers known for their modern and contemporary designs helps us to lay down some interesting thoughts about these beautiful stones. 

What exactly is a black diamond? It is a diamond which just happens to be black in color. There are two types of black diamonds. Rare natural black diamonds carry a black color which is a naturally occurring color. There are also diamonds where the black color is induced or enhanced by various treatments. They are considered as “colored diamonds” after heat-treatment or irradiation. Both types of diamonds are considered as black diamonds. However, it must be said that in natural black diamonds, the dark color is more intensive due to the natural impurities attached to them during their natural formation process. 

Rings are meant to sparkle, and especially so if they are engagement rings. Therefore there are some designs that work well in drawing attention and enhancing the beauty of a black diamond. The Tiesh design team’s general pick is to go with white gold as a base metal, and a prong setting with white diamonds incorporated in to the design to contrast the main stone. 

Unusual, modern, bold, confident, exotic and fashionable are some of the most notable associations a lady could draw with a black diamond ring. Some might even consider black to be a more edgier, quirkier and rebellious alternative to a white/colorless diamond. And who says black diamonds are just for ladies?. It is a type of stone which exudes a high level of charisma, strength and power, and as such it is well suited as a stone for grooms’ wedding bands as well.

And how exactly did these unusual Diamonds make its way into engagement rings and jewelry  which have for decades been dominated by white diamonds? It is difficult to assess exactly how, but the black diamond ring presented to Carrie Bradshaw in the second Sex and the City movie certainly was a high point for black diamonds. Many celebrities have opted for black diamond engagement rings within the last decade and its appeal to the younger demographic seems to be growing in the west. 

Perhaps, black Diamonds are yet to become a raving engagement ring trend in Sri Lanka and the cultural association of black with the notion of bad luck is probably the only reason for it to be so. The upside of this is that if you do pick a black diamond stunner to propose with, it is sure to be unique and special to the wearer and will speak volumes regarding the confidence you have shown in your choice of partner and your relationship.

Last but not least a note on the price tag. Black diamonds do cost less than white diamonds in general. As with any purchase of precious stone it is always recommended to speak to the jeweler regarding the valuation and quality of the stones you purchase. 

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