7 items you don’t really need for your wedding.

June 17, 2019 10:43 am

 Menu cards 

Most weddings are either sit down dinners or buffets and almost all buffets usually have servers who can explain each dish if needed. So unless you are serving an exquisite tasting menu with unique ingredients or ethnic food that require a description, wedding menu cards are something that can be skipped. 

An aisles runner 

Aisle runners are an unnecessary expense especially if you're getting married indoors and have nothing to worry about mud and grass stains on your beautiful designer saree or white dress. And if that's the case don't spend money on an aisle runner you will only use once for few minutes at your wedding. There is also a good chance one of those aunties or uncles might trip on it. 

A guest book

Guest books are often forgotten by guests to sign at a wedding with all the rush and even when they do it is one that collects dust over the years. What are you really going to do with a book full of signatures from your guests? You could opt for a more creative alternative where guests make an art piece or wall decor out of them, this would be so much more fun, meaningful and useful. 

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A post-wedding brunch 

If a friend or family member is throwing you a post wedding brunch then that's great! If not don't obliged and put yourself into even more stress and expenses by feeding your guests yet another meal. Unless of course you are having a destination wedding and want to thank everyone for going that extra mile to make your big day even more special. 

Upgraded linen 

The tables at your wedding are already loaded with china, flatware, glassware, table centerpieces and other decor items and sometimes even your wedding favors, the linen just gets lost. Select a complementary colour that goes with your theme in a basic fabric and your guests won't even notice the difference.         


Cake cutting set 

This is an item that will be barely noticed at your wedding and used just for a few minutes, so you don't have to go all out and spend on a fancy engraved cake cutting set. Your caterer or venue will most likely have them all you have to do is just ask or you can even borrow one from your family or friends or just opt for basic cutlery.   

Non-consumable favors  

Giving your guests non-consumable favors most often is a waste as these stuff gets thrown in the trash eventually. Instead go for more useful option, your guests will remember you as they use them and will be happy and your money won't go to waste.  

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