5 ways to spend your night before the wedding?

August 30, 2018 10:32 am

5 derailing ways to look forward to spending the night before your wedding;


  • Slumber party

Send across a red light to all your girls, order some comfort food and get to reminiscing. Start with silly games that you played in your teens, then move on to getting Mani Pedi’s and chat away about all things boys like the old days. Things to be precautious about; start out early so you get your beauty sleep, order food you are familiar with and don’t try new products during the pampering sessions. Most of all, this is about spending quality time with your BFF’s before you are betrothed. No matter how strongly you feel about being able to give them the same amount of your time, it’s not always possible. Marriage requires a good amount of effort before time allows you to get use to a whole new routine with another individual, therefore it’ll be a while before things get settled.


  • Spend time with your partner

I know this requires breaking a major rule in the book of traditions, but think about it! Isn’t it about making sure neither of you is stressed out?


You’re worked up, strongly in need of relaxing, who better to spend the night before your wedding with than the one you’re going to be with for the rest of your lives. Of course, it might not be possible for everyone out there to do so considering how important culture is to Sri Lankan parents. It could therefore be a simple early dinner to ease the nerves, soothe each other and go on to call it a day.


  • Movie time

This could be with your family, friends or S.O. Book a 4 O’clock show at the theatres, get some popcorn and enjoy away. Movies are the best form of distraction, they have the means to transform you into a whole other dimension. Get home by 7 pm; early dinner (preferably a favourite), last-minute preparations for the big day or pampering to ensure a glowing bride and a full night’s sleep to avoid nasty under eye circles.


  • Enjoy your liberty as a single woman

A quiet night in after days of busy scheduling and planning can be just the thing for you. Well technically, you’re not exactly single but leaving your mark on legal documents, reciting your vows and exchanging rings full of promises sure has a feel of uniting as one like no other. Hence, if a calm and relaxing environment is what you seek, this is the best choice for you. Order in a good meal or have your mum whip up your favourite, load in a movie or read a book and lastly enjoy your last night of not sharing a bed.


  • Emergency kit


If tranquillity just isn’t in your nature, but double checking and preparing for any mishaps is, we have a solution for you. Prepare an emergency kit; take a seat, pull out a notebook, write down any possible thing that could go wrong, figure out how to sort them out. This emergency kit will consist of all the things on your list. Just a warning, try to be rational with your fears, if you don’t trust yourself to do so then have your maid of honour by your side as you go by the list. Start early so it doesn’t get too late, by the end of the day you’ll have realised how truly silly your fears are and it’s going to be an almost perfect experience. This might seem like a foolish thing to do but it wouldn’t be a recommendation if it weren’t effective. Keep in mind this is only for those of you who work best in times of pressure.


The most important thing is to keep calm, therefore a day guaranteed to smooth sailing is the important ingredient. Don’t leave any last minute errands, if it cannot be avoided have a bride’s maid deal with it. Try to call quits to the day as early as possible, of course make sure you do all the required self-care duties in order to look naturally radiant. Stay hydrated and wish your partner good night!

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