5 rustic venues in Sri Lanka

August 30, 2018 1:04 pm


  • The Barnhouse Studio


A cultural destination wedding prepared to transport you into a sophisticated terrain. The Barnhouse has brought together the renaissance of Sri Lankan art, craft and architecture to create a new revolution for couples addressing their need for a rustic themed wedding day.


Where: Panadura


Contact info: 070 298 3173

Call during hours 9 am to 6 pm



Price range: Starting range Lkr 4000 per person. They have various packages to choose from according to your needs.


Ratings as per google reviews: 4.5 star


  • Park street muse


A combination of modern and country amidst the city life. Park street mews is a result of old warehouses converted into one of the finest entertainments in Colombo. Decorating your location according to the theme is essential as the artistic scene needs guidance, while having the moulds for a modern barn.


Where: Colombo 07


Contact info: 0112 300 133


Price range: Varies according to the location chosen within park street muse. The Stables has been known to have held quite a few successful events.


Ratings as per google reviews: 4.4


  • The Frangipani Tree By Edwards Collection


A chic wedding overlooking the Indian Ocean as two individuals unite as one. The Frangipani Tree is an elegant, intimate and attractive hotel made to fit the needs of two free, serene spirits. They have two options; their garden or beach, whichever fitting to your theme and guest list. They have all the arrangements required for a religious ceremony; be it Hindu, Buddhist or Christian. This hotel often receives mixed reviews, therefore a thorough look and investigation are advised to make sure it fits your imagination.


Where: Unawatuna


Contact info: 077 040 4040



Price range: Expensive for a 3 star


Ratings as per google reviews: 4.6


  • Anantara Peace Haven Resort


Anantara is a luxurious hotel consisting of a large garden, beautiful villas, sea view and all things good. But what truly captures the eye is the Verala at the resort, this extraordinary dome is a rare beauty in its form. An exquisite contemporary architecture with real feels for a rustic evening. It holds up to 80 guests, therefore a small, private wedding is ideal.


Where: Tangalle


Contact info: +94 47 767 0700/ +94 34 722 6060



Price range: Received after inquiry sent in accommodating to your needs


Ratings as per google reviews: 4.6


  • Shangri La hotel


This tropical beauty is a grand way to start your journey as a unified pair. The alluring gardens and fascinating panorama call for a rustic yet lavish wedding. A sizable guest list can now be an option considering the vast amount of space that Shangri La is built on. Judging by the fact that Shangri La is an international brand, you shouldn’t have any complaints to wry about.


Where: Hambantota


Contact info: 0477 888 888


Price range: Expensive


Ratings as per google reviews: 4.5


The next thing to consider when planning a rustic themed wedding is decorations. It’s important that the right people and resources are hired/purchased in turn this event into a successful one. Even the best and most expensive venue suitable to this requirement can go wrong if this step isn’t done right. Happy Wedding!

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