5 makeup tips for Mother of the Bride

August 30, 2018 1:20 pm

Five tips crafted to fit her skin requirements;

  • Hire a professional

Do your mother a favour, hire a professional makeup artist to doll her up. Get an appointment in advance, if possible get a test run done in order to be able to see what looks good on her. It’s not something you want her or yourself to worry about. It 's convenient to be booked at the same salon if the option is available.

  • Prep her skin

Mothers often forget to take care of themselves in the process of all the responsibilities that befall them. Taking care of her skin is probably long forgotten, therefore get her prepped in advance for your big day.

Makeup on its own cannot always be enough. Surprise her by scheduling a deep cleansing facial/pampering session in advance, she’ll definitely feel special despite all the motherly fussing.

Do make sure you buy her a skincare hamper, so she can at least try to maintain it. Hydration before a day like this is essential.

  • With age comes greater responsibility

Unfortunately, this is something she now has to deal with. Flawless makeup on wrinkled skin is quite hard to manage, especially for long hours.

She needs to start with her base; hydration followed by primer is a good start, it will help with her foundation. Try to avoid any form of caking it never works with wrinkled skin; light to medium coverage foundation is the best, try to keep concealers at a minimum.

Lastly, setting her makeup is important. You can either go with lighting dusting her face with powder or a setting spray.

  • Soft eyes

Mothers are often emotional beings, crying on your big day is unavoidable. She’ll need waterproof mascara combined with a natural eye makeup look. Shades of brown, bronze and gold matched with her skin tone, she’s all set to look good on the day.

Enhancing your eyes can never go wrong especially when she’s made to look younger. Try not to go overboard with the glitter, lightly shimmery shades will do the work. Don’t forget the primer.


  • Match your lips and blush

A natural pink that blends in with her skin tone will result in quite the look when matched with her blush. This depends completely on which lip shade she decided on, a bolder look will definitely not work with this.

She can test out different shades of lip colours prior to the wedding, to find her match. Long wear and comfort need to go side by side, particularly for mothers not use to makeup. Lip liner is a must for her, do not skip this step. Lastly, comes moisture, you don’t want those creases peeping out.

Follow through and she should conveniently be able to walk in content and confident for the gala.

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