10 reasons you should visit Malaysia for your honeymoon

May 29, 2019 12:36 pm

They say ‘Malaysia is truly Asia and this beautiful country hasn't failed to keep up to that. This beautiful country has so much to offer in terms of culture, Nature and of course food! That sets it apart from the rest of Southeast Asia.

Here are 10 reasons why you should plan your honeymoon to Malaysia and you'll see that Malaysia has something to offer for every couple and the best spot for those who want a bit of everything in one place.   


1. It's a Tourist destination for any budget!

Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for a lavish honeymoon Malaysia is sure to please you. Malaysia might not be your cheapest Honeymoon option but it will certainly offer you great value for money.

Accommodation options offer you both welcoming hostels and luxury hotels with all the modern amenities. Most of the sightseeing attractions in this country have reasonable entry charges. You can also save money on commute by opting for frequent public transportation.


2. The beaches and Islands are S.T.U.N.I.N.G!

If you are a couple that loves the sea and enjoys the sunset, sandy beaches and fresh air Malaysia's beaches and islands will spoil you.

You won't miss out on a true Honeymoon feel if you add any one of the islands or beaches on to your list. Langkawi, Perhentian Island, Tioman Island and Redang Island are a few suggestions to escape from the city life and into the bliss. 


3. You will never be bored with all the adventures and activities

Malaysia understands that not all couples enjoy the calm and sightseeing and therefore fills you with abundant options for couples that love some excitement and adventure. Scuba diving, skydiving, white water rafting, paragliding, parasailing and bungee jumping are a few from a long list of things to do.

If you prefer a safer side of adventure Malaysia also has numerous theme parks like Sunway lagoon, lost world of Tanbun and 20th Century Fox World to name a few.


4. The food is just divine!!

It is said that no trip to Malaysia is complete if you haven't tried their street food. You and your partner can spend some quality time roaming the street and trying out new food.

However some Malaysian flavors might not be welcoming to our Sri Lankan taste buds, it's still worth a try if you are a couple that's daring to taste anything. Nasi Lemak, any type of Roti (Roti Telur, Roti Tisu), Nasi KuukusSatay, Cendol and of Couse Durian are some must-try Malaysian food. If you aren't a fan of Malaysian food there is nothing to worry as Malaysia is filled with restaurants serving cuisine from all over the globe.         


5. The city life is spectacular!! 

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a city with modern infrastructure, nightlife and what not. The city is also home to many tourist must-see spots that you and your new partner can wander.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Aquaria KLCC, Petaling Street, and National Mosque of Malaysia are a few must-visit spots if you plan to spend some time in the city as part of your Honeymoon.      


6. CRAZY shopping experience

Malaysia is a great place to shop and one that is sure to give you value for money. If you are a newlywed bride you could use this opportunity to ask your husband to spoil you with everything on your wish list.

Malaysia offers high-end brands and also gives you the option of shopping for local handicrafts as you stroll through the streets.   


7. Breathtaking mountain trekking

Malaysia is a part of some of the oldest tropical jungles in the world, more ancient than even the Amazon jungles and exploring on foot gives you the chance to get close to nature. There are plenty of trekking opportunities if you are a couple that enjoys great views and long walks together.

Jungle of Taman Negara, Penang Hill and Mount Kinabalu are a few options you could also walk the hills of Cameron Highlands and enjoy the breathtaking view.


8. Bursting with culture and architecture

Malaysia is a multicultural country and therefore is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, and this blend of different ethnicities is what makes this country stand out. As you roam the street of Malaysia you will notice the detailed architecture, specifically prominent in mosques around Malaysia. Penang and Malacca are UNESCO Heritage Sites that narrate tales and flaunts a heritage that will inspire you from within, perfect spots for couples who enjoy sightseeing.  


9. Amazing climate

Malaysia's weather is an experience in itself, the country has a mix of both high temperatures and sudden rains, and although this unpredictable weather can be daunting it's all part of the full Malaysian experience.

However Malaysia’s weather is favorable all throughout the year thanks to its large size, you can always pick any part of the country you like regardless of when you are traveling on your honeymoon. As most part of the country is covered in rainforest, you will indeed enjoy pleasant weather.  


10. Experience rainforests and wildlife

If you are a couple that loves nature and wildlife Malaysia is the place for you, it serves as a habitat to over twenty percent of the world’s animal species as almost two-third of this country is covered in rainforest.

Malaysia offers numerous resorts lining these areas so you don't have to compromise on a true honeymoon feeling. Taman Negara National Park, Kinabalu National Park, and Gunung Mulu National Park are some places you can visit during your stay.

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