10 Mistakes Lankans make when planning their wedding

May 30, 2018 12:59 pm

Not looking at all aspects of a wedding as a whole, so much so that sometimes even different aspects of the decor have no connection / similarity to one another.

Taking your time to think through and bring all aspects of the wedding from the florals, the bridal, and the bridal retinue outfits, the cake, invitations and even the table linens and chairs is something that a lot of people seem to miss.

This is where a professional wedding planner can make a difference. Spending the little extra on a wedding planner is going to make a world of a difference to the way everything looks in the end.

Shero Meezan of Weddings by Shero, spills the beans on the most popular mistakes Lankan couples do when planning their wedding. Do these sound familiar to you? 

Having an overly inflated guest list

Your wedding should be a fairly intimate affair and shouldn’t have you breaking the bank.
Large guest lists also often end up with the couple having to compromise on quantity over quality as they have to find ways to cut costs on different aspects such as decor and other details.

Realizing Pink isn't your color (with two months to go)

When you started planning your wedding, you thought you knew just what you wanted, but after scouring inspiration boards and wedding magazines for a few months, you've completely changed your mind. It's not the best realization, but don't worry—your wedding style could still be salvageable.

You should feel free to rethink, redo, and revamp any element of your wedding that you want.

This doesn't have to mean yet another huge investment or reneging on a bunch of contracts—you'll be surprised how easy it is to make simple additions or subtractions and change your whole style.

Already ordered those pastel bridesmaid dresses? Think about adding a bold sash or accessorizing with chandelier earrings to liven them up a bit.

Unsure about the color scheme you chose? Pay an extra visit to your florist and work out changes to your bouquets and centerpieces—adding new blooms in all of your arrangements will introduce a new color throughout the room.

Similarly, if you've already ordered the linens: Spice them up with bright table runners or overlays. If you decide you really can't live with it, chances are you can go back on your first choice, just remember it will have a cost.

A good rule of thumb is that if you've already signed a contract or seen a proof, you will have to pay extra for any changes or additions you make. But if it's still relatively early in your planning process, don't be afraid to make the change. 

Don't forget, you're getting married to your husband, not to your centerpieces! 

Doing it yourself and then there’s overdoing it yourself

We love nothing better than seeing the clever ideas that couples come up with to make their weddings unique. But even we have to draw the line somewhere.

me when there’s one too many DIY projects going on with a wedding what ensues is nothing but chaos on the wedding day!

This doesn’t just apply to the bride and the groom, when you have three aunts, a grandmother and two cousins in charge of different parts of your wedding, trust me somethings going to go wrong! It’s Murphy’s law!

Trust the professionals to do their job, and keep things simple.

Customers who expect diamonds by offering Papayas!
It is important to have a realistic understanding of what everything is going to cost. Preparing a proper budget and then planning your budget according to what you can afford to spend is the key here.

Not doing so also often leads to couples working with vendors who agree to work on unreasonably small budgets and inadvertently the vendor cuts corners/changes things to stay within the given budget and the end result is a wedding which looks nothing like you envisioned.

Once again this is something a good wedding planner can help you with, getting value for money and advising you on what you can realistically achieve with your budget and creating the most beautiful wedding you can have with the money you plan to spend.

Skipping a Wedding Videographer.

Photos are a must, but they only take you so far—videos let you hear your and your partner's voices as you say your vows and watch your friends tear up the dance floor.

With a professional videographer documenting your wedding, you'll see special moments you may have missed on the day.

Trying to Drop Two Sizes Before Your Final Fitting
You've found the wedding dress of your dreams, but it's not quite a perfect fit on the real-life you.

Your plan: Order the dress two sizes too small, and then do whatever it takes to make it fit.

Making a commitment to eat right and exercise is great whether you're planning your wedding or trying to stave off the newlywed nine.

On the other hand, crash-dieting and chaining yourself to the treadmill is a course likely to end in disaster—and an ill-fitting gown.

Instead of losing more sleep than weight, find a gown you love and order it in your current size. If you want to work on your body during your engagement, that's great, just be sure to make your goals are manageable (toning up but not dropping 20 pounds, for instance).

You're more likely to stick with a routine that doesn't require superhuman willpower. If you still find that you are freaking about your figure, just remember that you're about to get hitched to someone who can't get enough of the way you look (really, truly) right now.

If you do drop some weight, this slow-and-steady approach will help you big time (and help you keep it off long-term). You'll want to lose those extra pounds before your second fitting. Any big changes after that, and though you might be lighter, your alterations bill will be pretty hefty.

Your final fitting should be for last-minute tweaks, not a total overhaul.

Micromanaging your vendors!

You are booking talented pros, it is important to trust them to do their job once you have given them a brief on how you want your wedding to look and feel.
Give them their space to create and deliver based on your brief.

Telling Everyone About Your Wedding.

It's so hard not to talk about your wedding, but it's good to try. The more you share, the more opinions you're going to get about your choices, whether or not you ask for them.

Plus, part of wowing your guests is surprising them. If they already know you're changing into a different dress for the reception or serving made-to-order pizza at your after-party, they won't be quite as impressed on your wedding day.

People who aren't invited to your wedding may also feel hurt if they see any social media updates about your planning as well. If that's not enough to deter you, talking about your plans means opening yourself up to copycats, who may actually be marrying before you do.

Hiring a Friend Instead of a pro

Your friend from college may make amazing workout playlists, but that doesn't mean he'll make a great wedding DJ. The same goes for your friend who makes tasty cakes—this doesn't make her a caker.

Even on a tight budget, you're much better off paying a vendor with experience to take care of the biggies, like the music and the food. Don't you want your friends to enjoy your wedding instead of having to work it, anyway?

A Lack of Personality
The number one biggest mistake is a wedding devoid of the couple's own personalities. Not everyone has to have a theme wedding, but with a little research and creativity, you can add a little more unique flair beyond the standard "Love is patient" wedding reading.

It's usually quite obvious when the couple doesn't have a hand in the décor, menu, or music and just goes along with the status quo. This is the most important day of your life -- it should reflect your life.

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