Henna by Amaani

September 23, 2019 1:39 pm

About Henna by Amaani

Amaani Quraish is a professional henna artist located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. she started doing henna when in high school years ago and has developed her passion into it ever since . Furthering her skills and learning from other artists is still her favorite part of henna! she has experience with bridal work, events and private appointments. 

Starting price range

  • Package 1-Jasmine henna (starting price from Rs.200) : Decently sized henna design on hand/foot. 
  • Package 2- Rose henna(starting price Rs.350) : Medium sized henna design on hand/foot. 
  • Package 3- sunflower henna(starting price Rs. 600): Large sized henna design on hand/foot. 
  • Package 4- peony henna(starting price 1000): bridal henna design on hand & foot) 
  • *For all the packages, you can choose from one of my designs, show me some of your ideas or simply let me freestyle! For exact prices and more details on the designs or packages please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Wedding categories 

Henna art takes two forms: Arabian of Indian

Contact Details 


Kurunduwatte Mosque lane, Nawala road, Rajagiriya

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