What does a wedding planner do?

August 19, 2019 2:00 pm

"Why do we even need a wedding planner? It's just an additional expense on our wedding budget! What does a wedding planner actually do?"

 A constant thought juggling in the mind of a soon-to-be-bride.

To answer the question, a wedding planner does a lot more than you would expect! Most of you may not realize the full potential of a wedding planner's duties, but they are a critical element to have an amazing wedding day. A wedding planner's service goes beyond than just advice, their organization, their guidance and that extra hand that is needed to run the last minute errands.

We picked the brains of Sabrina from Wedding Stories by Sabrina and she’s on a tell-all of the many things you probably had no idea a wedding planner could pull off.

Sabrina Rebecca Sathgunasigamani from Wedding Stories by Sabrina


Manage your wedding budget without going overboard

Often times when you keep a budget in place, there are times when certain necessities get compromised to stay within budget. However, with a wedding planner, you wouldn't have to worry about budget control as the planner is capable of controlling your budget and keep track of due payments so no deadline ever gets missed. “Budgets are not meant to be set in stone, as the ideas of the bride and groom for their day would change so would their budget evolve. Depending on what their budget I get three quotes from the vendors so the couple has an option to select from” Says Sabrina. Planner's are also thorough with various vendors who would suit your wedding requirement and also who are within your budget.


Help you design your wedding

A common misconception when someone says wedding planners is the immediate thought of "coordination" but there's much more to that, a proper planner will help couples pick their color palettes, decor, rentals, lighting, and decide on overall aesthetic that highlights throughout their entire event. Sabrina says “With social media platforms such as The Knot, Pinterest, Instagram etc, our clients have a good knowledge about what they want, I help them incorporate those ideas but also advising and giving them ideas and opinions that might best suite the venue, budget and their style”

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Offer expert advice on Fashion that's in trend

With a wedding planner, you've got your extra pair of eyes in-check when deciding dress designs for your bridal retinue and immediate family members. An expert wedding planner can give out valuable advice on the bride’s own wedding gown and even accessory selection.


Schedule and attend vendor meetings

A wedding planner will always be two steps ahead, therefore tasks such as obtaining quotations from florists, cake makers, wedding card designers and scheduling meetings to discuss design elements will be taken care of by giving the couple much needed time to relax on the days leading up to the big day!

“Once the vendor is confirmed leading up to the wedding meeting vendors and communicating any changes, going to the location to ensure what needs to be decorated , gathering their thoughts on the decorations is very important” Sabrina adds in. “meeting with Photographers and videographers to get their opinion and thoughts about the timing, the location of the photoshoot. Even meeting with the MUA to ensure we have a date set for the trial, etc”  

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Offer much needed wedding etiquette advice

“The questions regarding wedding etiquettes are increasing rapidly by couples – ‘Should we mention about a wishing well on our invitation? Can we say no to boxed gifts? Should we mention dress code? How is the mass order done? Should we have an oil lamp etc’ are few of the questions raised by couples to Sabrina.

Your wedding day is a day filled with excitement and nerve-wracking moments and all couples want it to be the most perfect day that will last for memories! A wedding planner is a couple’s go-to resource for all things proper etiquette and with the correct advice; couples can avoid those awkward moments that arrive with overwhelming emotions.


Organizing wedding stationary details

No need of twisting your arms trying to organize with cake boxes, invitation cards, table numbers, placement cards and so on. These are also where the wedding planner duties come in. “While a lot of couples think this is not important, trust me it is. It’s the small details that make your wedding beautiful.” Sabrina says. They’ll be quick and efficient in take care of these time-consuming details so you can enjoy your role as fiancé & fiancée till D-Day!

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Making sure that nothing gets missed!

What happens on the day of the wedding? Your planner will make sure everything is run in perfect timely order and nobody gets missed out on important moments. Be it wedding speeches, performances, to cake cutting and first dance, they’ll ensure everyone is incorporated in every step of the way.

“Once everything is confirmed, the time, date, all your suppliers, time of the ceremony or reception I ensure that there is a day agenda done for the day. From start of the day to the end of the wedding every little detail is included on this document. What time the bride/groom will be ready, what time the decoration will start and finish, what time the photographer or videographer needs to be at the location for the photoshoot, what time the Band or DJ"


Oversee sound checks & important toasts

We’ve all seen occasions where the speaker system goes haywire or the microphone stops working, your planner will ensure that all sound checks goes on without any glitch. Sabrina says, “From start of the day to the end of the wedding every little detail is included in a document. What time she/he needs to get to the location, time the speeches will happen  or even what time the champagne should be served (IMPORTANT – if this is not communicated with the Hotel, some not have a glass of champagne/sparkling wine when the toast happens) . This document is then shared with all vendors so everyone is on the same page to ensure everything happens on time.”


Coordinate post-wedding shenanigans

A wedding planner can make sure that your post-wedding mood remains magical just as the day itself. Bonus! “We also send thank you notes or following up on whether or not photographs or video footage is delivered on time is important.” Exclaimed Sabrina.


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