Wedding Story of Dharani & Janith

December 09, 2019 1:55 pm


                • Your initial meet. How did it happen?

We met by chance at the bus station when we were making our way back to home after work and it was undoubtedly candid. Janith just said hi and that’s it.

                • Who made the first move? How?

It was Janith. We were friends and we knew each others from our childhood.Yet we did not talk much when we were schooling. Janith had found my number from one of my friends and he made me talk to him after we got to see each others at the bus stop.

               • What was your first impression about your spouse?

Handsome and Fun-filled soul

                •  In what ways are you most alike?

To say the truth we have completely two different personalities.The beautiful truth about our love is that it’s messy, complicated, and flawed.Yet what I admire the most is that despite all the mismatches and imperfections we have, we love each other’s a lot. 

                •  What's your most memorable date? Why?

We have gone on so many dates yet the first time we went out once he came back from Australia was one of the best dates that I have been to .It is purely because I got to see him after 3years and I was counting my days till that day arrives.

                • Three things you love and hate about your partner.

Both of us are party animals I would say and we love dancing a lot and my friends will not deny the fact when I say that we are good dancers. And also we love our parents a lot. Both of us are the youngest in our families and both of us are attention-seeking. As I explained before, we’re opposites even though we have our own differences I don’t think I can hate any of his ways.



                •  How did the proposal happen?

We had been seeing each other for 4years and two years after our relationship he decided to go to Australia for his studies and before he leaves the country he promised me that as he soon as he returns we are going to get married. It was like a promise that he kept and I believed in him.

It was never easy and it was a bumpy ride. Yet I’m happy that we have come a long way.

                • What are you most looking forward to as Mr. & Mrs.?

I love Janith to the infinity and beyond and I’m excited to see what future has in its store to offer us.No matter what we do I would stand next to him and we are going to grow all together and I want to redefine the meaning of love despite all our imperfections.



                •  Most memorable moment from your wedding?

It was pretty overwhelming in the first place as Janith was out of the country and I had to do most of work on my own.Planning our wedding was never easy.

It may not have been the "dream wedding" we planned yet both of us always hoped our marriage would be far more lovely than the wedding anyways and it is what matters the most I guess.

Yet ,the wedding day was so amazingly beautiful. Everything was so perfect and I love everything about my wedding and I would eternally be grateful for our parents and friends who have been there for us to make this a success. I loved how he was surprised when he saw me as the bride for the first time (I mean my first look.)

                • If you could describe your wedding day using one word, what would it be?


                • What's been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

The beautician. It is because I did not want to go for a heavy makeup and choosing the right beautician was the most difficult part of planning our wedding.

                • What's been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

Invites I would say. We had more than 700guests from both of our families.

We started to plan our wedding since 2018. It turned out to be so good than we expected it to be.



                • Where did you go for your honeymoon?

It was a surprise and I did not know where we were planning to go.He took me to Jetwing Vil Uyana in Sigiriya as he knew the fact that I would love to spend more time in nature and it was so beyond perfect.

                • What is your idea of, “and they lived happily ever after”?

To be honest with you it’s not kind of love; the stuff of poetry that poets write about.I do believe in the fact that “Happily ever after” doesn’t exist. We have to give everything we have got in order to make things happen expecting nothing in return.The ultimate  truth is, love can only be found within and we are gonna love our imperfections perfectly.

                • Who’s good at forgetting and better at forgiving?

I’m very good at forgiving but not forgetting. Janith is a champion when it comes to forgetting and forgiving.He is way too good at forgiving and it makes me so emotional at times.


Photographer : Envirance

Videographer: Envirance

Bouquet : Harshana Bridals

Stylist: Harshana Bridals

Ceremony Venue: Avenra Gardens ,Negambo

Reception Venue : Avenra Gardens ,Negambo

Entertainment : Doctor By Lantra Perera


Bride’s Wedding Band: Radella Jewels

Groom’s Wedding Band:Radella Jewels

Groom Prep Location: Avenra Gardens



Bridal Saree:Bridal Gallery

Bridal Boutique : Harshana Bridals

Hair Piece: Gitano Collection

Shoes : Saffans Shoes

Traditional Jewelry: Gitano Collection

Hair and Makeup : Harshana Bridals

Bridesmaid Makeup: Harshana Bridals


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