Wedding Planning in a long distance relationship.

August 01, 2018 5:39 pm

Technology to the rescue 

If there are global companies that run their geographically dispersed operations using various communication technology platforms you certainly can employ a few tech tools to get your wedding off the ground. You would be surprised as to what a lot can get done using whatsapp, viber, facebook, facetime, skype and good old e mailing. Speaking to each other and sharing images instantaneously means many of the decisions regarding wedding preparations can be made efficiently and effectively via these modes of communication. 

Delegate right 

Delegation is a tricky science. In order to delegate effectively both bride and groom should have a good understanding of each other’s strengths, capabilities and ability to deliver. One party could be good with budgets, keeping track of to do lists and scouting out wedding vendors and the other might be a creative genius who is good at conceptualising themes, décor and event styling. One partner might be in the middle of a heavy work schedule while the other might be generally free in the months leading up to the wedding. It is important to be honest and open about what tasks you can take on and what you can’t in order to avoid misunderstandings and get the tasks at hand done efficiently. 

The weighty issues

High up on the wedding to do list, there should be three important points. Firstly a consensus regarding what kind of a religious, cultural or civil ceremony or ceremonies will be conducted. Secondly an idea of the number of invitees you wish to have at the wedding and thirdly the overall wedding budget and how the bride and groom will share the expenses to be incurred. Out of all the to dos in a wedding list these few will be the ones that require the most amount of careful deliberation and discussion between the to-be bride and groom. They are also the ones that determine how the rest of the tasks and action items take shape. Consensus on the above right at the outset, will be helpful when trying to make wedding related decisions while being in separate locations. 

Share the work load

With one partner away the partner residing in Sri Lanka will find that closer to the big day a long list of tiny errands and tasks will take over his/her life. Instead of letting the work pile up or silently sulking about the absentee partner it is best to enlist some helping hands to get the show on the road. Best buddies, family members or even a wedding planner all can chip in to fill the void and make sure the wedding runs smoothly.

Simplify where possible 

Weddings can be as complicated and as simple as one chooses it to be. And considering that a long distance relationship is already complicated why stress each other out with an elaborate wedding on top of it. Things usually get complicated when the little tasks pile up and most often they have to do with complicated wedding themes, large retinues, unwieldy invitee numbers and other frills, extras and nice-to-haves which couples take on. Perfectionists also generally find organising a wedding stressful so if you are one, consider a simple wedding theme and décor so that it will cause you the least amount of stress. 

Cheer each other on!

Due to practical reasons, usually the partner residing in Sri Lanka will end up having to take on most tasks versus the partner who is away. Being overwhelmed with the workload is therefore to be expected and both partners should be ready to offer each other moral support and cheer each other on during what is a daunting but extremely rewarding journey.

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