Using Balloons in a creative way on your wedding day

October 29, 2018 3:20 pm

Have you ever been to a wedding styled using balloons?. The case for using balloons at your wedding is pretty clear. It’s a welcome departure from the usual and there is something minimalistic, chic and modern about balloon décor if used tastefully. 

Let's start with the Balloons. 

There are the usual latex party balloons we are all familiar with but a wedding calls for balloons with a more elegant shimmery pearl exterior at the very least. You could also consider confetti balloons which are clear balloons filled with pastel or metallic confetti. If you are looking for ultra-elegant balloons then it is some clear bubble balloons you will need to order. They look like clear glass bubbles and exudes sophistication and simplicity in ample amounts. In general pastels, metallic and dull colored balloons are probably your best bet for a wedding.

Another thing to note is that balloons come in varying sizes ranging from mini balloons to giant statement balloons and even balloon bunting, so there is versatility in terms of how you could use it.


Ceilings are a great place to use helium-filled balloons. The more common decoration is to use a large number of simple helium-filled balloons above the dance floor or reception area to create a balloon ceiling. 
But you could take a step further and consider a dramatic balloon cloud or a balloon sculpture attached to the ceiling. The installation is sure to wow the guests walking in and will help to uplift even the most basic of venues. Not to mention such a stunning installation would mean minimal décor is required elsewhere in the reception hall. 

Balloon tails

 Pic Courtesy: Bickiboo
Floating helium-filled balloons can be styled for weddings with a range of decorative tails which will show itself off as it weighs the balloons down and helps it linger mid-air. The usual options are sparkling tassels, streamers and satin ribbons which can be simple or elaborate based on the given theme of the wedding. Tails could also be styled to be theme specific. For example, for a garden/ rustic themed wedding you could have Ivy tails and floral tails. 


Mix with flowers. 

If you are not too happy about cutting out floral décor in its entirety, consider décor with a mix of balloons, flowers, and foliage. Use it in arches, as table centerpieces, table garlands or entrance décor to create impact. The trick is to use balloons of various shades of a given color together with flowers that complete the color palette. 

Table Centrepieces

Pic Courtesy: Baloonsbydesign 

Balloons make beautiful centerpieces. The simplest form would be a solitary helium balloon tied to the center of the table which will stand tall. You could also mix it with flowers and foliage and stand it in a decorative vase or use mini balloons and create great a table garland. A popular use of balloons includes creating miniature hot air balloons complete with a basket filled with fresh flowers. 



Balloons can also carry messages the same way chalkboards and easels are used at weddings. Latex balloons with Mr. and Mrs. Branding, thank you balloons for guests walking out of the reception or even foil Balloon banners and foil letter balloons with words and initials can be used to decorate the reception space as well as doubling up as photo props and photo backdrops.  


A balloon release or drop

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If it’s a garden wedding in the morning hours, you could drum up some excitement by orchestrating a massive helium balloon released into the air. Similarly, an indoor night wedding could feature a massive balloon drop, just as the couple enters the dance floor for the first dance or as they wave goodbye and head off to their honeymoon 

Retinue Balloons!

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Got tiny tots in your retinue? Asking them to carry a floral bouquet as they walk down the aisle or pose for photographs might be too much of an ask from them. You could consider trying a floating floral tail helium balloon to their wrists instead. The kids will love it and will surely find it a more fun accessory than a corsage. 

For the honeymoon trip.   

Balloons are also a fun decoration to use for the getaway car, post-wedding along with the “just married” sign, tin cans for some noise and bit of flowers if you must. The getaway car was always meant to look more interesting and fun than elegant and chic.

For the photographs

Photo Courtesy: Bobrin Photography

Balloons can be used to create beautiful photo backdrops and photo props for the couple as well as the guests. Remember everyone smiles when they are holding on to a bunch of balloons!

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