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June 06, 2018 1:19 pm

Wedding photographs freeze a magical moment in time so that you can relive it many times over and preserve it for posterity. Taking centre stage is of course the beautiful bride and a dashing groom, on a day where they both feel glamorous, beautiful, very much in love and of course very happy. 

Capturing this exact mood on a wedding day is certainly no easy task. DylanSeedin of Dylan Seedin Photography knows this all too well as a professional documentary wedding photographer who has been covering weddings for over 8 years both locally and internationally. 

Based on his experience, he shared the following tips on how to look your absolute best in each and every photograph.

Nothing kills a photograph like stress. As a photographer covering weddings in both Sri
Lanka and overseas Dylan is quick to note that Sri Lankan weddings are notorious for being highly choreographed performances of sorts and it is, therefore, natural that the couple tying the knot are burdened with enormous pressure. 

No matter how hard you force a smilewedding-related stress does have a way of surfacing in your facial expressions and posture.

According to Dylan a bride and groom should completely detach from all wedding-related chores and of course their mobile phones as they sit down for their photographs.

The idea is to focus at least for a few hours on how happy and exciting a day it is. 

Nothing boosts a photograph like a healthy dose of confidence displayed by the bride and the groom. So where does this confidence come from?

According to Dylan in the case of a bride, it most often comes from being comfortable and feeling beautiful in whatever bridal attirehair and makeup chosen by the bride.

Therefore it is always advisable to choose attire that fits well and flatters and not just what may be in vogue at the time. Hair and makeup trials ahead of the big day helps a bride to understand and be prepared for her look on the special day and is therefore highly recommended. 

The retinue 

There is a reason a bride and groom 
picks his favorite friends and family to form a retinue. As those nearest and dearest to them it is almost their duty to keep the couple happy and stress-free just hours ahead of their marriage ceremony.

Friendly, energetic and loving vibes created by a retinue definitely lifts the spirits of a couple and it helps with capturing some beautiful couple and retinue shots according to Dylan. 

Don’t be a slave to trends
In terms of all the 
interesting action shots you intend to take on your wedding it is always advisable to stick to activities that stay true to who you really are as a person.

Dylan presents a simple example in terms of a retinue shot which is currently rather popular which typically shows the bridesmaids and bride-to-be in robes popping champagne ahead of the wedding.

Sadly, not everyone is comfortable being photographed in robes and some might not even be alcohol consumers! If this is the case, the result will be an awkward and unnatural shot in your album. 

Rapport with Photographer
Chemistry with the photographer is essential for great wedding photography. A skilled wedding photographer generally knows what exactly to do to get outstanding shots.

They have posing tips and camera tricks and hacks at hand, all used to make the couple look their best. While most of it is down to the skill and experience of the photographer in concern, it can also be said that the bride and groom should take extra effort to get to know their photographer and build a friendly rapport with him/her as well.

The couple could, for example, show reference images of the kind of shots they like and share little insecurities they have with the photographer so that there could be workarounds. 

Self Care 
To look good on the outside you need to feel good on the inside, especially as you take on 
sometimes grueling routine of picture taking. It is Dylan’s suggestion that despite the anxieties of the day the bride and groom should avoid large uncomfortable meals, snack or take small meals regularly to keep energy levels up and stay well hydrated at all times.

In Sri Lanka it is always advisable to avoid outdoor photography between 12 noon and 3 pm as the heat, dust and humidity tends to be tiring for the couple as well as the photographer, thus impacting the quality of the photographs.  

Let the professional do his job  

Wedding photographers are trained and experienced in bringing out the best in every subject they handle and this should have been evident in their portfolio of work 
which the to-be-married couple should browse through before selecting a particular photographer.

Once the decision is made, It is vital to place trust in the photographer you have chosen.

Despite what personal opinions you might have about how you like to be photographed and what usually works for you, perhaps its best to allow a professional to surprise you with some never before seen, stunning photography. 


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- Surekha Jayasinghe

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