The ultimate “Wedding Planning Workbook”

December 23, 2019 1:18 pm

Picture this, you’re standing at the alter and suddenly panic strikes, did you manage to capture all the must-have shots you wanted to get with your photographer? Did you confirm the song playlist with the DJ? Will he play the right song at the right time? As a bride, these are not the type of positive thoughts one might likely to have on her special day. Stay clear of the unnecessary panic and stress as author and wedding planner, Priyanka Emerson has launched a comprehensive workbook that will ask the right questions and guide you through all the right deadlines.

Stay clear of disaster with ample time to spare as this workbook covers all aspects conceivable in a wedding. This is also equipped with a detailed monthly organizer to help you make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing when you're supposed to be doing it.

Flipping through the pages, you stumble upon the Wedding Planning Checklist that contains everything you need to consider and prepare for which has to be partaken in its correct time frame.   

All aspects of the wedding finally boils down to the financial budget availability. Therefore Priyanka has taken much consideration to these criteria and included the “Budget Planner Worksheet” which is divided into multiple categories. Brides and Grooms can update this worksheet on regular basis as a mean of keeping track of their wedding expenses and budget framework.

The convenience of this workbook also lets the couple keep track of vendors and related bookings. The worksheet for “Vendor Bookings” is designed to record contact information, services provided and charge for each vendor that contributes to the wedding. The worksheet also contains relevant questions that will guide the couple when making queries with related vendors. This can also be used to confirm certain details by each and every vendor that is been hired for the wedding.

To be prepared for the most important day for a couple, which is the day of their wedding, the reception needs to be flawless. With much thought, catering to the needs of the couple, Priyanka has meticulously featured worksheets for Church Ceremony, Poruwa Ceremony, Church Ceremony music, Reception music and table plan. The checklists for each scenario, contains everything that will help you not miss out on anything.

Finally, when the wedding day arrives this workbook will be a useful guide for anyone reading through as this is divided into Pre-ceremony, Ceremony and reception which anyone is able to read through and follow up necessary requirements and adjustments. This is the most important part of the book which will ensure that your big day will run smoothly.

All the essential planning tools that a couple needs in planning their dream day is compiled in one easy-to-carry book. This book can be accompanied by the couple right up until their wedding day. This will enable the couple for a methodical and stress-free planning process for the couple.

A lovely gift for the next Bride-to-be and what’s even better is that this book will be a precious keepsake for her to look back upon over the years.

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