Sri Lankan style date night ideas

July 12, 2018 9:51 am

Date nights here? Out of things to do? We got you covered. Much to your surprise, this beautiful tropical islands got a lot more activities and romantic settings for couples looking to rekindle the flames after a busy day at work than you’d expect. A getaway with your partner for the night awaits you. Get lost in each other Sri Lankan style.

 Date night ideas to keep your chemistry going strong;

⦁    Bowling at Excel World

The most popular bowling alley in Sri Lanka, but never thought it could be a nice date night with your partner? Let me tell you otherwise. You’ll laugh a lot; bowling requires making a lot of mistakes, laughter always spices things up. Friendly competition; that’s right, take playful trash talking with your partner to a whole another level. You don’t need to dress up; don’t feel like dressing up, here’s a happy way out, so there you go, one step to a successful date already achieved. It’s cheap; currently on a budget but looking for romance this is perfect for you. They also happen to have an amazing battered cuttlefish dish to munch on as you play away.

⦁    Long drive to Galle

Cliché but always works. The new highways made it a lot easier to get back and forth from Galle without the hassle. Make a reservation at a restaurant or hotel of your choice, Pedlars Inn Café is known to be a hit for its ambience. Play nice music during the drive, maybe ones that mean something to you and your partner, nostalgia is a strong weapon. Chat up; intimate conversation always forms a strong bond. Nothing works like a quite drive leaving behind the madness and chaos back at home, it’ll be a night to remember.

⦁    Get silly

Roleplay into the night; Pick a popular couple character that you and your partner love; dress, talk, walk, basically become them for the night. Find a restaurant with a bar you can carry this out comfortably. You’re pretending to meet them for the first time, all over again. Don’t break character and go through with it all night. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other, make sure till you get home or book a hotel room beforehand, we live in Sri Lanka after all, you don’t want to be kicked out of the restaurant. This is an excellent way to change things up for the night.

⦁    Candlelight dinner

It is known to work since the earliest times in history. Scientific tip; the low little dilates your pupils making you more attractive, now put two of those in the same room and there you go. Make an early reservation at a restaurant of your choice, make sure you ask about their candlelight services, August by Mama Aida’s is a top recommendation for their ambience, food and service. Intimate conversation is definitely something that is unavoidable, while put into a scenario of this type. Hold hands across the table, look deep into each other and in no time you will be lost.

⦁    Skip to the good part

Desert only Dinner for the night; thinking of trying the many new bakeries popping up around Colombo, here’s your chance. This idea is reserved for the absolute sweet-toothed couple otherwise you’re just going to end up getting cranky mid-date. Pop into all the bakeries you have been looking to try, pick up your orders, or have it there, it’s your choice. Remember to leave the best for last, a dessert that has been an absolute favourite between the two of you, in case you had a couple of bad ones.

    Relaxing bath together with soft music and wine

Long days of work, haven’t got any time to pamper yourselves. This is your chance, remember to purchase a scented candles, bubble bath and salt. Play nice, soft music in the background and pick a wine of your choice. Get in, the perfect night created right there at your home. For those of you who don’t have a tub at home and are looking for something extra; rent a hotel room. Make that night all types of special for you and your loved one.

Spending regular quality time with your partner is what keeps things going, so don’t forget to remind them how much they truly mean to you.

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