Spending your first vacation as a couple.

October 15, 2018 2:24 pm

Your Honeymoon is probably your first vacation as a couple. So there is much to learn about your partner’s preferences and needs. The idea is to find a place and experiences that both parties find romantic. So being open and upfront about places and things that make you tick. 

Should it all be a surprise? There seems to be an unwritten rule that the honeymoon is a project exclusively undertaken by the soon to be married groom with the aim of surprising his bride with a honeymoon of her dreams. However, this is strictly a matter surprise. If you can’t resist sharing the excitement of trip planning with your sweetheart it is probably a good idea to rope her in too. A shared plan is likely to yield the best results. 

Once you get down into planning mode, there are three things to consider; choice of destination, accommodation, and activities. 

The choice of destination

Sri Lanka is the chosen honeymoon destination for tourists from all over the world, so there is absolutely a honeymoon perfect for each couple available right here at home. Those carefully considering options will be spoilt for choice. However one could consider seeking out some less popular and unique spots in Sri Lanka to give the experience a wow factor. 

How far you fly out of Sri Lanka would depend on your honeymoon budget and the practicalities of getting other related paperwork such as visas and documents in order. An overseas trips need a bit of extra planning and effort but leaving the familiar for a week or two to be alone is just what a honeymoon is about. 



Considering a honeymoon would mean a lot of time behind closed doors it is prudent to seriously think about what kind of aboard you prefer. Would it be the luxuries of a plush resort or the seclusion and aesthetics of a small boutique hotel? Some hotels are popular family resorts where families with kids frequent and are not honeymooning havens for obvious reasons. Pools, Jacuzzis and spas are generally nice to have hotel amenities for a honeymooner.

What ever hotel you choose it is important to give the management a call and let them know you are honeymooning at their hotel and to discuss any special requirements you may have. Most hotels go out of their way to make sure honeymooners feel welcome and offer many freebies and gifts so it is worthwhile to make that extra effort. 


Rest, relaxation and intimacy is what you generally look for in a honeymoon but it is nice to schedule in some romantic or fun excursions somewhere in between Think along the lines of a bicycle ride through a village, a visit to a local crafts market, a romantic five course meal on a beach or even a night out at a local night club. 

Once you know where you are headed to it is important to get some preparatory shopping done. It is always nice to shop for a whole new honeymoon wardrobe which absolutely must include some sexy lingerie and robes, at least one stunning evening wear piece, lots of casual clothing and accessories like shoes, hats, sunglasses and swim wear. Toiletries, perfumes, lotions and portions are a must too. To ensure a smooth vacation it is important to pack in important medications, contraception if needed and some basic first aid needs as well. 

And during your shopping spree don’t forget to pick up a little surprise gift for your loved one. Something to open up and delight in when the time is right and a perfect moment presents itself during your honeymoon.
While on your honeymoon be focused on collecting a few memories to reflect on in the years to come. Aim to take plenty of photographs and make sure you collect some souvenirs and keepsakes to remember this very special adventure together. 

Though the norm is to set off on a honeymoon straight after a wedding the impracticality of this tradition is becoming clearer by the day. There is time off from work and leave scheduling to consider with many couples needing time off from work leading up to a wedding for preparations. Then there is the exhaustion of the wedding day itself that makes a honeymoon a strain to plan and difficult to really enjoy. There is also the financing to worry about. After spending on the wedding of your dreams can you really afford the honeymoon of your dreams? Weddings also tend to attract friends and relatives from overseas and sometimes couples do prefer to spend some time with those who made special trips on their behalf just to thank them for making the effort. All these reasons make a case for a delayed honeymoon. If these reasons resonate with you, then by all means take your time to recuperate from the wedding experience and set off on the honeymoon of your dreams when you are ready. 



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