Proposing to your boyfriend in a point of view of a girl.

July 23, 2018 11:33 am


The old fashioned proposal makes the man do all the hard work but in a new age setting more women are considering taking the lead. For those ladies daring to be a little different following are some points to consider.

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If something is holding you back from proposing to your boyfriend it is important to understand why. For generations, movies, music, pop culture and advertising all put the man on one knee with a ring in hand and it is perhaps this hardwiring of our brains and emotions that make it difficult for us to look past this cultural norm. There is really nothing else to it!

Consider timing.

When would a man propose marriage? Usually it is when he comes to an important realisation about his relationship with his girlfriend. It could be a realisation that she is the person he would like to build a life and grow old with. It could be a realisation that the financial and practical means of sustaining a marriage are now in place. For some it could even be sign of commitment to the girl friend during a time when things seem a little hazy. These realisations don’t gender discriminate. So if a woman makes the realisation first within a relationship then there is nothing wrong in asking the question first.

To each his own.

Relationship dynamics defer from couple to couple and this dictates much of what can be considered as “normal” for two people. While there is a socially set norm out there a girl would need to consider what is best for their own very special relationship. If you’re  in a relationship where you and your boyfriend take turns in taking the lead with regard to things of importance then when it is time for marriage, the girl can certainly take the lead.

So should a girl propose on one knee with a ring ? The great thing about engaging in unorthodox moves is that the rules are yet to be set. So a girl could propose any way she wishes as long as it authentic, special and designed to induce a “yes. Getting  a ring for the proposal is a matter of choice but the underlying principle is to get your partner a timeless token which says “I love you”, whatever that token might be.


Fear of rejection.

This is probably the main reason why for ages women have conveniently given the responsibility of proposing and risking being rejected over to their men. The fear of rejection is very real and painful to say the least. If you are about to bite the bullet and propose to your boyfriend its best to think over if your relationship is really in the right place to bring in the commitment marriage requires both emotionally and physically. But most importantly if your boyfriend is likely to feel the exact same way. If you really cant tell but intend to propose anyway, mentally prepare for a possible “no” and the emotional aftermath.


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