Picking the perfect age for flower girls and page boys

August 17, 2018 12:54 pm

Children parading around the wedding is always a pure sight. They definitely make the photographs grander, especially when organied in a methodical manner. That leaves us talking about flower girls and page boys, the real question being,” what is the perfect age for picking the right kids for this part of tradition?”

Flower girls

The duty of the flower girls is to scatter flower petals for the bride to walk on, sometimes due to the mess created venue owners aren’t happy with this, therefore other duties are given to them. They are told to blow bubbles, hand out treats or simply walk down the aisle before the bride.

Now keep in mind that in order to be able to do that these girls have to be aware of what they are doing. Therefore, the right age to pick flower girls is 3 to 7 years old. Sometimes the age limit is known to go up to 8, but is it far too a stretch if the kid looks older. The purpose of these cute little kids is to capture the perfect moment, this is ruined when the order isn’t methodical.

Page Boys

The duty of the page boys traditionally is to carry the long trail of the bride’s gown, otherwise, like done in modern times when the bride doesn’t have a trail, they can escort the flower girls. It’s quite a beautiful sight to watch kids couple walking down the aisle hand in hand, a true treasure for the photographs. For this very reason the age of the page boys falls under the same category of 3-7 years, 8 can be a choice here because the boys are generally made to look older than the girls. They are also generally older than the ring bearer.


It has also been quite a popular trend to match the flowers girl’s dresses to the brides and the page boys to the grooms, to make them look like mini versions of them. Especially if your wedding is going to be the place where the flower girls are going to be escorted by the page boys. It gives them a boost of confidence as well to have a partner next to them.

Considering how they are all children, and the possibility of turning the event into a mess is quite at large. It is always good to practice, have them all over a couple of times before the wedding, explain it to them, demonstrations are even better, lastly have them do it accordingly. Don’t forget to make other arrangements if the children have to stand for too long, they might get fidgety and unfocused.

Keep in mind that these age limits are merely a rule that is put down in the book of traditional weddings, there isn’t really a need to follow them. You have a few little cousins, nieces and nephews that you want to include in the ceremony, go ahead. Nothing says happy like sentiment. Especially considering how convenient it can be, the bride already has a lot of roles to play, looking to find kids in that age limit simply to follow some rulebook is an added pressure to be carrying around. Go ahead, lighten up a bit, you now have one less thing to worry about.

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