Hair extensions for your wedding

July 06, 2018 10:16 am

Whether it is to add length or volume we traded in some beauty tips from Madhu Johnson, owner of Salon Madhu (Location: Sri Saranankara Road, Dehiwala). They are actually the solution to all your hair styling problems, of course, it needs to be done right, like anything else. Now there’s a number of questions popular as per google search, all that answered here;

How to choose the right extensions for your hair?

Three things play a great role when answering this question; Hair colour, length and texture. Bear in mind that they need to blend in with your hair and give out a natural looking result, so carefully consider each one of these factors. Unless of course your looking to go bolder and opt for a longer length or thicker texture, but even then try not to stray away from your natural hair colour as it tends to give it away. According to Madhu, a personal practice she generally goes through with when picking out hair extensions for her clients is making sure that they don’t weigh too much on their head, ensuring comfort and style throughout the ceremony. Therefore, a lot of value is imposed on the brand of the hair extensions you purchase.

How are extensions applied and removed?

Considering how they are temporary hair extensions, or popularly known as clip ins, there’s a certain way to use them. Part your hair into sections, using a comb very slightly backcomb the roots so the clip ins have something to grab onto and, voila, clip it in. If you are getting ready at a salon, I’m sure this is something your hairstylist is going to know all about. If your uncertain ask her all of these questions before scheduling your appointment and if her answers aren’t up to satisfaction, then keep hunting until you do.

How long will they last for?

If your purchasing these hair extensions for one-time use, then of course, this question is irrelevant move on to the next one. But if you aren’t, keep reading. Beauty expert Madhu says, this depends on the type of clip in hair extension you opt for, synthetic or natural. Synthetic will last for up to four months while natural up to a year with proper care. She recommends natural as they allow better styling on your big day, as it can last better throughout the whole blow dry, straightening, curling and hairspray process.

Maintaining your extensions

Clip ins need to be washed infrequently as possible as they don’t produce any natural hair oil like our own, so to avoid getting them too dry. A wash every four to six weeks is enough, dependant on the amount of product you use. Use a gentle brush to untangle once dry and don’t neglect using a conditioner. It could even require a trim at times.

Does it damage your hair

Clip in hair extensions are the least damaging comparatively to most other permanent types of hair extensions, but Madhu stresses on using nourishing oils, lotions and conditioners after use as it can damage both your scalp and hair, due to the backcombing and clips grabbing on to the roots of your hair.  
Head on doubt free, purchase a pair suitable for you and rock it on that wedding day.

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