Choosing colors for a dusky skinned bride

August 17, 2018 2:44 pm

All dusky skinned girls know that some colours flatter and some colours don’t and sadly despite what colours we love and what colours are in vogue we have to sometimes stop and consider our choice of outfit colour every time we shop or pick out a dress to wear. The decision becomes even more important on your wedding day.


The starting point

When it comes to skin it is important to distinguish skin tone from skin shade. Skin tone refers to the underlying colour of your skin. Skin shade refers to whether it is a lighter or a darker version of the skin colour that you have. The internet has a sea of information and tutorials on how to give yourself a skin tone assessment and the general direction is that, if your underlying skin tone is skewed towards pink then you have what is known as a cool skin tone. If your underlying skin tone is a yellowish tinge then you have a warm skin tone. The general consensus is that Sri Lankans are generally warm toned regardless of whether they are fair, medium or dark in their shade.

Choosing an appropriate white

Despite all the different bridal colours and trends that have come and gone, white remains as the classic bridal look. Therefore, with not much flexibility afforded in the choice of bridal dress colour, dark skinned brides have to find a colour associated with the colour white for their big day. The general consensus is that bright white contrasts too much against dusky skin and that it should be avoided. Therefore may it be a sari or a dress, pure white is probably not the greatest pick if your dark skinned.

Venturing away from white, there are many beautiful shades such as off white, cream, light beige, dull gold and pinkish white that look fantastic against dusky skin. Sri Lankan brides will most often opt for glitter, embroidery and jewelled work on the fabric used either in their sari or dress and this provides a great opportunity to add a bit of glow on to the bride’s complexion. Accordingly the best shades for dark and dusky skins would be to select shades of gold such as yellow gold, dull gold, rose gold and bronze.

The second bridal outfit

The trickier colour choices have to be made with regard to the second bridal outfit of the day which is usually not white. The second bridal attire choice could be for a going away outfit, a reception dress or a homecoming outfit. There is really no colour that is truly off limits for dark skinned brides but attention has to be paid with regard to the specific shade of the colour you choose. For example in the red-orange-yellow colour range, warm earthy colours give the maximum glow for dark skinned brides and therefore rust orange, earthy yellow, peach and coral are fantastic choices. In the green colour palette the earthy shade of olive green has been recognised by many experts as the best shade of green for dusky skin. For those who love purple, plum is an interesting shade of purple to try out and if it’s a blue that is being preferred Navy blue is the one to go for. In general pastel shades and bright neon shades of any colour are not known to do justice to dark complexions.


Embracing the colours you love

No rules of colour selection should stop a dark skinned bride from wearing the colour she absolutely loves. So there are some tricks to help. For example it is important to select a flattering colour for the sari blouse, the borders of a sari or the upper parts of a dress, as this is the part of the outfit that appears closest to the face and neck. The choice of jewellery matters a lot and usually gold is preferred over silver jewellery for dark skinned brides. And of course never underestimate the importance of excellent make up. A foundation that compliments the skin colour and doesn’t attempt to change its natural tone and shade is very important as well as the right lip colour and blush colour used for cheeks. Blend it all in with a great floral hairpiece that will add a glow to the face and outfit. So there are a few workarounds to incorporating you favourite colour in to your bridal look!.


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