Beautiful Locations for pre-wedding shoots in Sri Lanka.

October 29, 2018 12:51 pm

Finding nooks and corners for a pre-shoot is somewhat of a challenge if you are based in a buzzing city of concrete and traffic like what Colombo is today. 

Galle Fort 

The most whimsical of settings for a photo shoot, the Galle Dutch Fort is not short of scenery, settings, props, and ambiance for a stunning pre-wedding shoot. Quick access to the location via the Southern Expressway is also certainly an advantage where the couple and crew can reach the fort in just over one hour from Colombo. The Fort vibe is probably the most alluring. Its narrow paved roads, endless lines of quaint and curious shop fronts, Locals and tourists filling up the streets, the occasional ice cream cart and the vintage car parked on a sidewalk all make it an interesting backdrop for two people in love to hold hands and explore. The Rampart of the fort provides stunning views of the Indian Ocean and a colorful sky at sunset. 

Awissawella Seethawaka Botanical Gardens

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Just 50kms away from Colombo city, this botanical garden is a great location for a couple looking for a lush green setting for a pre-shoot themed in natural beauty. The garden is laden with green lawns, little forest pathways, streams, lakes, beautiful flower beds and scenic mountains in the background.

Religious and Cultural 


The Gangaramaya Buddhist temple premises and the beautiful Seemamalakaya situated afloat the Beira Lake nearby is a favorite for couples who like to make their wedding pre-shoot one with religious and cultural undertones. The ornate “Seemamalakaya” and its line-up of Buddha statutes feature regularly in pre-wedding as well as wedding shoots.

For those couples who would like to avoid including a place a religious significance in their photo shoot, the independence square also provides a similar cultural backdrop with its stone architecture and cultural symbols such as lion heads and “pun kalas” etc.


Galle Face Green

A sunset shoot at Galle Face green provides many delightful scenes for a photo spread. On one side it is the rising Colombo night skyline and the glitz of Colombo’s commercial center and on the other side the stunning sunset, evening sky and the lights of the port city construction site. There is also plenty of activity to be photographed with at the Galle face green ranging from food vendors selling colorful culinary creations and kites, balloons and picnic spaces. A lot can be choreographed in this setting with a bit of creativity.

Lush Green parks

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There are two main locations within Colombo city limits which boast of the kind of lush green setting suitable for a pre

-shoot. The Viharamaha Devi Park is one such oasis in the city of Colombo. The massive park is beautifully maintained and is full of flower beds, lawns, fountains, benches, gazebos, summer huts, and mini bridges and is relatively peaceful and calm on a weekday. A similar setting can be found in and around Battaramulla adjoining the scenic Diyawanna Oya. More specifically you can visit Diyatha Uyana, the boardwalk, a few paddy fields in the area and the jogging tracks which spread across the area. 


Colonial splendor

Colombo has many beautifully restored colonial-era buildings which can be used for an appropriately styled photo shoot. The busy Dutch Hospital Precinct, the independence Arcade, Racecourse building, and the surrounding area and the grand old Mount Lavinia Hotel all are popular pre-wedding shoot locations. 



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For those who are not able to take a ride down the Southern Expressway to the southern coastal line, there are a few beaches equally accessible for a daytime shoot. The mount Lavinia beachfront is a popular choice provided you reach there on a weekday evening to avoid the massive crowds that swarm in on weekends. There are also a few beaches in Panadura accessible via several hotels and private villas. However, the Negombo beach front is probably the more popular choice for those interested in a beach shoot. The public beachfront in Negombo is a broad sandy stretch and is usually lined with fishing boats and sailing boats which make an interesting setting for a shoot. A short walk inland, you will come across a long stretch of seaside road buzzing with locals and tourists where you will find quaint seafood restaurants, pubs, clubs and curio shops which come alive at dusk. All of this can be styled into a beautiful pre-shoot photo and video spread. 

It should be noted that almost all these locations will require approvals from the relevant and applicable authorities and there are fees and terms and conditions of use applicable at most locations. Therefore your choice of location should be researched thoroughly and discussed with the wedding photographer prior to finalizing. 







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