Accessorizing the Groom

September 04, 2019 10:49 am

The women of your dreams has just said yes to your magical proposal, however when it comes to wedding planning as a groom to be a there is simply just one thing on your shoulder and that is to get your wedding outfit to be absolutely perfect just like everything else at your beautiful wedding.

Speaking to Shazni Fazal founder of the men's fashion brand’ The Butler’ a one stop shop for styling men of substance. Shazni manages the brand exclusively, picking styles and designs that make men stand out. according to Shazni here are 5 things grooms to need to consider before picking out their wedding accessories, following these tips will guarantee you pick the perfect accessories for your big day.  

The Colour Scheme 

The colour scheme decided by you and your bride or even your wedding stylist plays an important role and one that will be a guide to most of your wedding planning decisions. It is extremely important that you consider your weddings colour scheme. If the colour scheme is a very neutral one, opting for a red tuxedo may not be the best decision you make. it is important that you are carrying or complimenting the colour scheme through to your choice of attire.

If your wedding colour scheme is bold and bring the best way to add a touch of that colour is to use it in your accessories such as a neck-Tie, pocket square or the lapel pin which are accessories that are flexible and work with a plethora of colours.   

The Bride's Dress

It is a known fact that a brides wedding dress is EVERYTHING at any wedding, as the two of them become one on this special day it is important that the grooms outfit compliments the brides.    

the bride’s dress will be a guide to how formal, how classic or how modern you should go. If she’s opting for a vintage styled dress you may want to match subtly opting for a more traditional, timeless suit and accessories.

However, if she's opting for a more modern look the groom could wear a sleek suit and complement it with accessories that have bold prints and colours matching it all the way from neck-  ties to socks.  

The Time & Place of The Wedding

Ideally a night function in an indoor formal wedding, would scream an elegant. Similarly, the venue and time of your wedding will guide you on choose outfits that suit it best. For an elegant indoor wedding a Tuxedo with a floral or plain bowtie or a three-piece suit with a classy floral, paisley or plain tie are the best combinations.  

This outfit would attract a lovely pair of cufflinks with a dashing lapel pin. All the above accessories would have a common colour theme each with its own highlight. 

On the other hand, a beach wedding during the afternoon will require less layering, lighter fabrics and in most cases an opportunity for you to ditch the tie the best way to go about it would be a single-breasted suit with a lapel pin and a dashing pair of cufflinks. 

What the Groomsmen Are Wearing

This is optional, you can of course decide to go all out and stand out or considering what your groomsmen are willing to wear.

As the groom you have the option to wear something slightly different from the party to make you stand out but the choice of suit, colour schemes and accessories tend to stay the same for both the groom and the groomsman. 

The full look

Although the above four factors are important, it ultimately boils down to how the groom feels the final look. It is important that the groom takes time in selecting his outfit so that he feels confident about himself.

Confidence just oozes in, when you put on a perfect suave tailor-made suit followed by handpicked accessories such as the necktie, cufflinks, lapel pin, the timepiece, and the belt. Finally, it is important that the groom is comfortable in his outfit and that the whole look comes together complimenting each piece to create the perfect look.    

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