10 Most trendy wedding decoration ideas for 2018

September 07, 2018 11:50 am

1. Hanging floral installations -  May it be floral ceilings, floating table centerpieces or floral chandeliers this seems to be the trending floral décor for weddings at the moment. Made to be dramatic involving large amounts of flowers and considerable installation work it is an expensive route to take but one should keep in mind that dramatic ceiling floral décor usually means very simple décor would be needed around the rest of the venue.

2. Fabric drapes – Drapes appear almost everywhere at weddings nowadays. As a starting point, simple drapes are used on the walls in indoor reception venues and especially on pillars in order to camouflage them. Settee backs, wedding thrones and even poruwas are now styled using minimal flowers and lots of flowing drapes twisted, turned and around structures and frames. Ceilings feature drapes sometimes to hide a ceiling and sometimes with colorful drapes as fabric accents.


3.Simple Poruwa Mandapas - Poruwas are getting simpler with many of the ornate traditional elements being replaced by more westernized and simple frames draped with flowers, fabric and appropriate use of lighting and the must have poruwa elements being discreetly added in. Styling is a matter of personal choice and as long as the poruwa features a platform elevated above ground level, has two side stair cases for the couple to step up to the platform and has a canopy above the couples heads there is plenty of room for creativity.

4.Floral table runners – Floral table runners and floral table garlands are now being used instead of the typical floral table centerpieces. Usually, these do well with rectangular table settings where the length of the table can be used to showcase the garland more grandly. However floral garlands can easily be used for circular tables as well, either spanning across the table and falling to the ground on either side or as a circle in the center of the table.


5. Decorative signs  - This is probably an element originally borrowed from rustic themed weddings but it is possible to adapt it to almost any wedding theme. The usual includes blackboard welcome signs and love quotes displayed on decorative easels. If blackboards don’t quite tie in with the theme any type of board could be used for messaging. Lit up marquee letter monograms featuring initials of the couple and marquee light boxes are also some wedding favorites.


Dim lighting -  Creating an air of romance is a definite trend in wedding lighting and this look is usually achieved with a mix of candles, votives, and lanterns used all over the reception venue. Table centerpieces alter, poruwas, wedding thrones, walkways all can be decorated with these. Wedding suppliers have these items in stock to suit any type of theme may it be rustic, vintage or modern.


Draped Tiffany chairs -  are having a moment in the spotlight pushing banquet chairs aside as the more elegant option for weddings. Most suppliers in Sri Lanka have Gold, Silver, acrylic and white tiffany chairs. Some very exclusive weddings do also feature wooden back chairs as well. The tiffany chair back can be decorated in countless ways using flowers and/ or sashes.  There is nothing more elegant than satin or organza draped on the back of a tiffany chair and there are countless ways in which these drapes can be done.



Charger plates and cutlery - Adding a touch of luxury with crockery and cutlery is a new trend in wedding tablescaping. There are many suppliers in Sri Lanka now providing stunning charger plates and unique cutlery in gold, silver, rose gold and bronze etc. which simply lifts up the entire reception venue. When you use a charger plate in the table setting it allows you to build more beautiful elements in to the table around it including the placing of menu cards, decorated serviettes, flower petals or wedding favors on top of it.


Favoring the outdoors - It seems that where a reception cannot be held in a garden, event planners go to great lengths to create the ambiance indoors. Lots of foliage, rustic themed décor and even the use of extensive draping of the walls and carefully choreographed dim lighting to create an illusion of the outdoors and night sky all go in to creating a garden themed wedding indoors.



10.Unconventional venues - Last but not least a consideration for the venue. There is no doubt that when styling a wedding reception everything does start with the venue. While grand reception halls certainly come with a lot of conveniences and grandeur, more and more couples seem to seek out unique and unconventional venues and spaces with minimal decorations, letting the unique venue do all the wowing.  Imagine a reception on a floating yacht, a wedding with the lights of the city of Colombo against the backdrop on a rooftop bar, a converted industrial warehouse, a rustic barn house, a wedding inside a nightclub , on an island in the middle of a lake or paddy field, a greenhouse or botanical garden or even in a basement car park!  Sri Lanka is sadly in short supply of such interesting venues but it is worth seeking out one and working out the feasibility of holding a wedding which will surely take everyone’s’ breath away.






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