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So, you’ve popped the question to your group of besties, and they have all said yes to being your bride’s maids but now there are many things to consider when choosing dresses for your brides’ maids, from which colour will suit all of them to will they feel comfortable in the style you pick. Answering these questions and picking out a style that’s in trend can be more challenging than choosing your own wedding dress, here are a few styles that might help you your girls pick the perfect dress for your big day!
1. Flowing tiers  
These floating designs are not only flattering but they are also highly fashionable right now creating that added drama and romance with its cute layers, you can even use it as a tired skirt and not have the hassle to mix and match. This style goes well with wild flowers and a relaxed theme.       
2. Halter neck 
As much as detail is more popular there is one part of the dress that is going all out this season and that is the neckline. Halter necks are a great way to cater to all body types and make a statement for your bride’s maids. This look is great for both an indoor or outdoor function. 
3. Shimmer 
Share the spot light with your girls, with an outfit made of sequin and glitter. You can go for a full sequin dress or even a mix and match. This style is great for a formal ballroom wedding.
4. Florals 
Floral prints are not only famine but are perfect for any wedding be it an indoor formal wedding or an evening relaxed function the blooms add that extra dimension and makes your wedding gown stand out. 
5. Lovely in lace 
If you want to give your bridesmaids dress a bridal edge, lace is a great way to go. You can use it on the whole dress or even only the body or sleeves. Lace dresses go great with a formal ballroom wedding. 
6. Mix and Match 
The Mix and Match trend is back! If you are looking for some unique bridesmaid dress styling and can’t pick one style for your girls, this is definitely the way to go.  With this style your girls get to wear whatever they love and feel comfortable in and yet create a seriously pretty look.
7. Tea Length 
Ending just below the knee, tea length dresses have that timeless elegance that is both sophisticated and feminine. The comfortable length is just long enough to help you move in ease and yet comfortable enough for your girls to not worry about tripping 
8. Pantsuits 
Pantsuits are elegant, modern and yet feminine, they are a great substitute for anyone in your bridal party who doesn’t feel comfortable being in a dress or skirt.
9. Rich tones 
As much as pastels give that elegance to a wedding, but you want your girls to make a statement rich tones of Ruby red, burgundy or emerald green is the way to go. 
10. Showing a bit of leg 
A cheeky skirt slit gives your bridesmaid dresses that stand out factor. When paired with a floaty skirt the slit is invisible unless your bridesmaid is walking, so you can still have that elegance and feminine factor. 
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